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US announces broader approach in fight against drug trafficking

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — The big question for both the United States and Mexico is whether or not to continue with a heavily militarized approach in the fight against drug traffickers. With U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement Tuesday, the Obama administration seems to be voting no. Following her meeting with Mexican officials, Clinton announced a shift in U.S. funding, revealing that more than $300 million in American aid to Mexico will go toward non-military assistance.

Full Frame: The campesinos

Full Frame features photo essays and conversations with photographers in the field.

Mexico videos

Here are some videos from John out of Mexico: On Location: Mexico City — Gangster chic On Location: Sinaloa — The front lines of Mexico's drug war On Location: Mexico City vice        

Sex, lies and the Catholic Church

Top News: Mexico City marked a Latin American first on Mar. 4, when it brought into effect a law passed in December that allows same sex couples to wed and adopt children. The law was made possible because the Mexican capital has powers to approve its own civil codes and has had a leftist majority in its legislature for the last decade.

On Location: Mexico City Vice

Chile quake: The view from Valdivia

VALDIVIA, Chile – One of the world’s six-largest earthquakes in recorded history has left hundreds dead and damaged buildings, roads, and bridges throughout central Chile. Chileans slowly are becoming aware of the breadth of the disaster, which President Michelle Bachelet called "a catastrophe of devastating consequences."

UN institute reprimands Latin American countries for decriminalizing drugs

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — The United Nations' drug law enforcement body has reprimanded Latin American countries that have decriminalized narcotic use, delivering a blow to the growing movement looking for a change in drug policy in the region. The U.N. body says it is particularly concerned by a 2009 law in Mexico that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other drugs.

Russia supplies weapons for drug war

Top News: Russia announced on Feb. 17 that it is signing a deal to sell equipment and weapons to Mexico so the nation can beef up its army against violent drug cartels.
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