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On Location: Sinaloa — The front lines, Mexico's drug war

Video: The 94th battalion of the Mexican army tracks down drug cartels.

Convoy of X-Men attack a rival gang

Top News: After being holed up in the Brazilian Embassy in his homeland for more two months, ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya announced on Dec.

Flu vaccine finally arrives at the source

 Top News: The first batch of H1N1 vaccine arrived in Mexico on Nov. 23. The 865,000 doses, purchased from a European pharmaceutical company, are to be given to health workers and pregnant women, officials said. Health Minister Jose Cordova assured the nation that the vaccine is safe, following reports of side effects of vaccine in Canada.

Drug cartels to Mexican businesses: pay up

Criminals are insisting business pay up or face brutal repercussions.

Where the streets are unsafe

Top News: Business groups in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez drew world attention to their turmoil on Nov. 11 when they called on United Nations troops to police their bloody streets. The plea by the Juarez Chamber of Commerce came after 2,000 people were killed this year in a city of 1.5 million.

A Mexican cop in search of sanctuary

Journalist murders in Mexico hit new record

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Like on any other Monday morning, reporter Bladimir Antuna kissed his family goodbye and set off in his Ford SUV to work the crime beat at a local newspaper in Durango city. Hours later his lifeless corpse was found beaten, strangled and dumped outside a public hospital. “This is what happened to me for giving information to the military and writing what I shouldn’t. Take care of your texts before you do your story,” said a message scrawled on cardboard next to the cadaver.

Mexico goes green — or does it?

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — The communal lands outside San Juan del Rio are a world away from the plush boardrooms of Copenhagen. But here, in the heart of Mexico, the hard, dry earth has a secret to tell, one that could alter next month’s discussions on climate change and affect billions of people around the globe.

On Location: Mexico City — Gangster chic

Mural makeover

Mexico is restoring the murals of Diego Rivera — friend of Trotsky and lover of Frida Kahlo.
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