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Can Jordan's King Abdullah and Obama save the peace process?

As part of his continuing efforts to reinvigorate peace talks between the Arabs and Israelis, Jordan's King Abdullah II left Amman on Saturday for a meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington. Since becoming the first Arab leader to meet with Obama after he took office last year, King Abdullah has been working to position himself as a key player in any future peace talks.

A who's who of corrupt Israeli officials

JERUSALEM — The heads of all the crime families in New York used to get together every Wednesday night at the Ravenite Social Club on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. If you were looking for an Israeli parallel, you could do worse than the gym I work out at.

Five Frames: Best photos of the week

BOSTON — From GlobalPost's editors, a selection of the best pictures of the week. Russian soldiers train for a military parade in Moscow, April 8, 2010. Russia will mark the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany with a military parade in Moscow's Red Square on May 9. (Alexander Natruskin/Reuters)

Worldview: My first day without Saddam

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Since Iraq became independent from the British in 1921, it has undergone 11 coups. However, for the better part of the 20th century, the structure of the state had never experienced significant change. April 9, 2003, however, saw the end of the Iraqi state and the chaotic beginnings of a new state. On that day a line was drawn to distinguish between two eras. It was the first day of my life to live without Saddam.

So the CIA wants jihadist preacher Anwar al-Awlaki dead. What's new?

SANAA, Yemen — I don’t remember the U.S. complaining when the Yemeni government claimed it had killed Anwar al-Awlaki in Dec. 24 air strikes. When the news was later reported that Barack Obama ordered the strike, there was no official denial. And when Awlaki re-appeared in the news alive (as officially "dead" Al Qaeda leaders tend to do in Yemen) nobody seemed to thrilled about it.

Taliban releases Greek aid worker

Taliban militants released Greek NGO worker Thanassis Lerounis eight months after kidnapping him in the Chitral region in northern Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan, a Pakistani official announced on Thursday.

Sweden to host first Think Global School trimester

Photo caption: Youth take part in the world's largest LAN (Local Area Network) party, a gathering of computer enthusiasts playing games, browsing the web and developing software on November 26, 2009 in Jonkoping, Sweden. Sweden is the first stop for the tech-savvy students of Think Global School. (Jan Johannessen/Getty Images) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — For the first time in history, a parent will actually be proud that their child attended three different high schools in one year.

Lesbian Iranian seeks outlet in film

“I am an Iranian lesbian.” It seems an introduction designed to shock anyone who knows anything about official Iranian attitudes to such admissions. After all, it was the country's own president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who in 2007 confidently stated during an address at New York's Columbia University that Iran did not have any gays.   But Kiana Firouz, a 27-year-old writer, actress and gay rights activists, is not only real — she's out, and proud, having adopted London as her hometown almost two years ago.

Opinion: A right to lampoon Arab leaders

CAIRO, Egypt — Every Arab country in the Middle East and North Africa has laws or policies criminalizing speech that questions or offends the head of state, according to data from Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders. By the time young journalists in Arab countries tackle their first reporting assignment, they’re well aware of this admonition: Don’t touch the folks at the top.

For Iraqi journalists, a leaked video represents "fingerprints at a crime scene."

BOSTON — “It is like fingerprints at a crime scene,” said Faris Fadhel Sultan, an Iraqi journalist, as he watched the grainy, black-and-white video images from a U.S. helicopter gunship that showed his two friends and fellow reporters being gunned down.
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