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Putin hasn't changed. It's time the West did.

BOSTON — Before George W. Bush got a sense of Vladimir Putin’s soul by looking into eyes, there was Tony Blair.

Obama says US, Europe do not want a confrontation with Russia over Ukraine (LIVE BLOG)

The Ukraine crisis moved on to diplomatic halls, while people in Kyiv began to rebuild.

Crimea’s separatist movement goes back two decades

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Three weeks and one dubious vote after Kremlin-backed separatists here took power, they’ve achieved what the region’s fringe pro-Moscow movement couldn’t for two decades.

Russia’s moment in the sun

What could be more flattering to Putin than seeing himself on split-screen images on satellite television beside Barack Obama, whom the Kremlin's propaganda machine has made out to be Russia’s greatest enemy?

Putin would rather see civil war in Ukraine than a western-leaning democracy

Since people in Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula Crimea voted to join Russia in a referendum on Sunday, fears are growing that Russian President Vladimir Putin will boost efforts to destabilize other regions in the largely pro-Moscow east of the country. With Moscow dismissing moves by Western countries to enact sanctions against Russia, GlobalPost’s Europe editor Gregory Feifer talks about what may come next.

With friends like these, can Mexico find justice?

MEXICO CITY — President Enrique Peña Nieto's security team has had an on-and-off relationship with crime-vanquishing vigilantes in the western state of Michoacan. Things look to be off once again. Perhaps way off.

5 reasons why Tunisia should give us all hope

Tunisia rose to international prominence when a street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in December 2010, prompting an uprising in his own country as well as the entire Arab Spring. Masses soon rose up in Egypt, Bahrain and Libya. But things haven't turned out as well in most of those countries as they have in Tunisia. Politicians in the small North African nation have shown the ability to compromise. Democratic institutions appear to be taking root. And a constitution enshrines rights that the US hasn't even considered.

Mexico's government says this time it really killed 'craziest' kingpin

MEXICO CITY — The first time Mexican officials said they’d killed crime lord Nazario Moreno, few locals in the towns he terrorized believed it. Turns out the locals were right.

That time North Korea’s Kim Jong Un got swarmed by time-traveling female fighter pilots

The Western world got the chance to step back in time thanks to a series of photos released by North Korea's news agency this week. What the photos seem to tell us is that North Korea’s air force is populated by a sassy bunch of gals just over the moon for a fella named Kim Jong Un. North Korea is totally prepared for World War III, with uniforms left over from the last World War.

Europe toughens its stance on Ukraine

LISBON — Clearly exasperated by its latest moves to break up Ukraine, European Union leaders toughened their position on Russia during a day-long summit Thursday by agreeing to impose political sanctions against Moscow.
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