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Europe toughens its stance on Ukraine

LISBON — Clearly exasperated by its latest moves to break up Ukraine, European Union leaders toughened their position on Russia during a day-long summit Thursday by agreeing to impose political sanctions against Moscow.
NEW YORK — US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has taken his plan to cut billions from the military’s budget on the road. He’s spoken to troops, veterans groups and think tanks about what he considers the need to purge the armed forces once and for all of its Cold War, big weapons mindset, all while integrating vital lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This is no easy task.

Crimea moves to join Russia

MOSCOW — Crimea’s pro-Russian parliament voted on Thursday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, a move likely to thrust post-revolutionary Ukraine into deeper chaos and further inflame tensions between Russia and the West.

5 basic questions about last weekend's Boko Haram bloodbath

NAIROBI — This past weekend in northern Nigeria was horrifyingly bloody. It began with a double car bomb attack in the city of Maiduguri on Saturday that killed 51 including football fans and wedding guests. 

Russia Today interviews actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal about Ukraine

Steven Seagal isn't just an international relations expert. He also plays one on Russian news.

These are the 8 options Obama has for the conflict in Ukraine

No one will start a war over Ukraine on purpose. That’s the good news.

Central Europe braces for escalation in Ukraine

BERLIN — Political leaders across Central Europe slammed Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Monday and sought to reassure their own people amid mounting fears that the crisis may escalate into war.

Russian TV beats war drum on home front

MOSCOW — As tensions in Crimea escalate amid Kyiv’s desperate scramble to restore political order, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine is serving as an ideological vanguard for Russia’s military operations there.

Today in US hypocrisy: Kerry slams Russia for 'invading another country' on 'trumped-up pretext'

Kerry voted for the Iraq war, which, you'll remember involved 'invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext.'

Crimeans: 'We wanted peace and democracy. We needed Russia's help' (VIDEO)

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — While much of the world is up in arms about Russian military deployment in Ukraine, these pro-Russian residents say they're feeling liberated.
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