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Elton John wows Morocco

Elton John wows Morocco despite Islamist protests

RABAT, Morocco — British singer Elton John may not have played the hit tune “Madman Across the Water” at his concert here Wednesday, but that is how Moroccan conservatives portrayed the gay vocalist in the run-up to his controversial show. John’s visit sparked outrage among Islamists who said the pop star’s history of advocating for gay rights runs against traditional values in a country where 98 percent of the population is Muslim.

Ride Morocco's wild surf

Ride Morocco's wild surf

Opinion: Dark days for Christians in Morocco

Opinion: Time to return to Morocco

DAKHLA, Morocco — Reading recently about the remarkable journey of 13 Western Saharan (Sahrawi) refugees from the camps of Tindouf in Algeria to their homeland in Morocco reminded me of the same journey I myself made a few months ago. What would make these people risk death under the unforgiving sun of the Sahara rather than remain in the Polisario-controlled camps in southern Algeria? The answer is all too obvious: Life in Tindouf is so unbearable, and disillusionment with the Polisario so bitter, that they were prepared to risk their lives to escape.

Diplomats for hire

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Brussels has one of the biggest concentrations of diplomats on the planet. Many nations keep three embassies here dealing with the European Union and NATO as well as the Kingdom of Belgium.  Among the historic palaces, modernist landmarks or bland office blocks hosting national delegations around the EU headquarters, is a one-room office that serves as a de facto legation for nations that don’t officially exist.                  

Morocco's beauty oil, once extracted from goat turds

Is your beauty oil made from goat turds? Not anymore

ESSAOUIRA, Morocco —  Morocco's little-known argan oil is poised to be the next big thing in beauty products, but don't tell anyone that it was once extracted from goat droppings. No one is trying to hide the goats' traditional role in producing argan oil. But in this roadside shop outside of the coastal Moroccan town, the women aren’t exactly eager to dwell on goat-related matters, either.
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