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The fight for Nigeria's oil wealth

Vacation in sunny Nigeria?

LAGOS, Nigeria — Holiday in Nigeria? Nigeria: a good investment bet? That's what the Nigerian government would like people to think. West Africa’s oil giant — best known for its endemic corruption, collapsed infrastructure and crime problems — is being re-branded. In a bid to generate national pride and attract foreign investors and tourists, the government is sprucing up the country’s image under the slogan “Nigeria: Good People, Great Nation.”

Surviving Lagos

LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, is a vast sprawling mega-city of 15 million people. Located on the country’s southern coast, Lagos is a hot, humid mass of humanity where life, for most, is tough.

Nigeria tries to settle oil protests

ABUJA, Nigeria — The Nigerian government plans to offer an amnesty to Niger Delta militants in a bid to end the violence that has cut the country's vital oil production by 25 percent. The new minister for Niger Delta affairs, in an interview with GlobalPost, said the government will open dialogue with the armed gangs and is putting in place a program to disarm them and reintegrate the fighters into society.

Nigeria boasts colorful fashions

LAGOS, Nigeria — Looking good is important for Nigerian women and men, and that rarely means wearing western-style clothing. In Nigeria (see map below), brightly patterned and colorful designs are popular and women often wear headdresses from the same material as their dress.

In Nigeria, all bets are off

LAGOS, Nigeria — When oil prices soared last year, the Nigerian stock exchange zoomed upwards. In the commercial capital, Lagos, it seemed like the good times might never stop. Swanky bars and upmarket nightclubs sprang up in central Lagos filled with high-earning professionals. Many of them were Nigerians returning from overseas as "repats" to take a share in the country’s economic good fortune.

My goodness, my Guinness!

LAGOS, Nigeria — There are no shamrocks or leprechauns at the Seaside Bar here in the Ikoyi district of Lagos.

Nigerians find inventive ways around helmet laws

LAGOS, Nigeria — Black magic. Lice. Skin disease. Or just a ruined hair-do. These are complaints made by passengers of Nigeria's motorcycle taxis against a new law forcing them to wear helmets.

Nigeria World Cup fans still believe in their national team

Nigeria World Cup Team Statistics: Group A Status: Knocked out round 2 World Ranking: 21 World Cup 2010 Results: 0-2-1 Total goals scored: 3 Total goals scored against: 5

Heather Murdock

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