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'Rampaging gunmen' abduct schoolgirls in Nigeria

A senior security source said more than 100 girls from a secondary school in Nigeria's northeastern Borno state were kidnapped.

A bombing at a bus station near the Nigerian capital of Abuja killed 71 people

There had been no such violence near the capital since suicide car bombers targeted a newspaper office in Abuja in April 2012.

More than half the women in these countries are married by the time they turn 18

Police said a child bride forced into marriage in Nigeria killed her groom by poisoning him. Unfortunately, child marriage is very common in the country.

Can shea butter save Africa?

Growing demand among Western consumers for the fruit of shea trees, known as "women's gold" by those who harvest it, is helping improve lives in some of the world's poorest communities.

Nigerian state closes all schools to protect students from militant group attacks

Security sources say Boko Haram has killed hundreds, possibly thousands, this year in a campaign of violence that is more intense than ever.

Boko Haram attacks have displaced thousands in Nigeria this year: Human Rights Watch

The New York-based rights group on Friday said Boko Haram has carried out more than 40 attacks already in 2014 which have killed roughly 700 people.

5 basic questions about last weekend's Boko Haram bloodbath

NAIROBI — This past weekend in northern Nigeria was horrifyingly bloody. It began with a double car bomb attack in the city of Maiduguri on Saturday that killed 51 including football fans and wedding guests. 

A Bridge in Kaduna: Building Bridges

In the small village of Kafanchan, entangled in Nigeria’s religious conflict, the Interfaith Mediation Centre brings together the aggrieved.

Nigerians touched by communal violence talk in the absence of justice

KAFANCHAN, Nigeria — The tension was immediately apparent on the faces of the people standing in shop doorways and outside homes made of locally produced brown bricks. Shops burned during a recent spate of violence dotted the dirt road, and the charred hulk of a mosque and a church in the same condition stood as blackened landmarks of the recent history of the Christian-Muslim divide. 
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