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8 critically endangered species to appreciate while you still can

Here are eight species considered "Critically  Endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. They are awesome. Please don't let them die.

Kim Jong Un and the birth of a personality cult

SEOUL — The North Korean leader’s numerous laurels include basketball star, fashion icon and honorary Nigerian. But none of that compares to his father Kim Jong Il, whose official biography claimed he didn't even defecate.

Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram militants kill dozens in Borno state

The Muslim insurgents are suspected of carrying out a number of deadly attacks in recent days.

Nigeria says it killed 74 Boko Haram fighters in Borno offensive

"The operation, which involved ground and aerial assault supported by the Nigerian Air Force, led to the destruction of the identified terrorist camps, killing 74 terrorists while others fled with serious injuries," Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Dole said in a statement Friday.

Pirates kidnap two US sailors off Nigerian coast: Security sources

ABUJA/LONDON (Reuters) - Pirates have attacked an oil supply vessel off the Nigerian coast and kidnapped the captain and chief engineer, both US citizens, security sources said on Thursday. Pirate attacks off Nigeria's coast have jumped by a third this year as ships passing through West Africa's Gulf of Guinea, a major commodities route, have increasingly come under threat from gangs wanting to snatch cargoes and crews.

Amid cries that court is 'condescending,' African Union debates ICC pullout

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — An African Union summit on a possible pullout from the International Criminal Court has opened with a blast of anger and accusations that the court is treating Africans unfairly.

Survey: Africans say continent's macroeconomic growth isn't helping them

JOHANNESBURG — The findings of the latest Afrobarometer survey of 34 countries, released Tuesday, puts into sharp relief the continent’s much-vaunted GDP growth rates by looking instead at the daily lives of Africans, who say they are not benefiting from economic growth.

Nigeria: Boko Haram college shooting leaves dozens dead

Boko Haram terrorists gunned down dozens of students at an agricultural college in Gujba.

Boko Haram attack kills at least 142 in Nigeria

Disguised in military uniforms, the militants set up checkpoints outside of Benisheik in order to shoot those trying to flee, as they burned scores of buildings and homes.

Nigerian army claims raid killed 150 Islamists

The army's claim of a major offensive against the Islamist insurgents on September 12 came after local media reported that Boko Haram had ambushed a group of soldiers in the same area, killing 40 and leaving dozens of others missing.
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