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This is Howard. He's the world's foremost impersonator of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un isn't known for giving people breaks. But there is one man by the name of Howard who received his biggest break yet when the third son of Kim Jong Il assumed the mantle.

Batkid saves San Francisco from the Riddler and Penguin (VIDEO)

San Francisco is safe again all thanks to Batkid. Five-year-old Miles, stepping in to help Bruce Wayne, freed a damsel in distress Friday morning after getting an urgent call from Commissioner Gordon.

Interspecies love: The 30 most unlikely, adorable animal pairs

In her book, "One Big Happy Family," author Lisa Rogak profiles 47 unlikely animal pairs. Their stories are inspiring tales of an animal stepping in to take over the role of parent regardless of being, say, a chicken when the child in question is a very small dog.  

The world's greatest imaginary animals

Some of the best animals in the world are the unverified ones. Such animals might be imaginary. Or they might be real. Either way, they are awesome.

Shut the Fukuppy: Fukushima Industries' new mascot has an unfortunate name

Shut the 'Fukuppy,' they didn't just make that a new name for a mascot!

Things rich people do: have 'receipt wars'

Ever hear the one about the Russian millionaire who walked into a bar? He met this other Russian millionaire there and they proceeded to try to one-up each other in terms of what they could purchase and ingest. The punchline? More than $200,000 in combined bar tabs over the course of three hours. 

Koalas are getting pretty hot (PHOTOS)

How do you know it's hot in Australia? Because pictures of cuddly koalas accosting humans and begging them for water are circulating on the web again. Well, that and all the news reports about how it's obscenely hot in Australia.  

These animals have news for you

Have you ever wanted to know what animals think about world events? You're not alone.

Venezuela's 'smells like sulfur' diplomacy

CARACAS — Venezuela kicked out three US diplomats Monday, accusing them of meeting with the country’s “far right” and financing actions to sabotage the country’s economy, President Nicolas Maduro said. That's the latest in a rough relationship with the northern superpower Venezuela says stinks like Satan.
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