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The return of the rising sun

Japan’s launch of a ‘carrier in disguise’ has East Asia pondering the future.
China flexed new naval offensive might, and Japan has responded. Meet Izumo, the largest warship the Japanese navy has built since World War II.

These are the 29 foreign nationals executed in the US since 1976

US authorities failed to inform the arrested foreign nationals that they had the right to seek consular assistance under Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. In 2004, the International Court of Justice found that the United States had violated the Vienna Convention in dozens of cases involving the arrest and prosecution of Mexican citizens.

When mum is a prostitute

DELHI — In a dingy alleyway, adjacent to a public urinal and only yards from Delhi’s infamous brothels, barefoot children with matted hair play hopscotch — blissfully unaware their mothers are having sex with strangers nearby.

Philippines hit by rain that kills 6, hampers typhoon recovery efforts

Heavy rains battering the southern Philippines left at least six people dead and eight others missing, authorities said Sunday, sparking fears for typhoon survivors still living in makeshift shelters. Four people were crushed to death in their homes on the southern island of Mindanao after landslides struck the mountain town of Tarragona on Saturday, local police said.

Typhoon survivors keep the faith with Christmas Eve baptisms in broken churches

PALO, LEYTE PROVINCE, Philippines — Rain is pouring into the roof-less Palo Cathedral. But 47 pairs of new parents are there, undaunted, to baptize their babies.

Manila airport shooting leaves 4 dead, including mayor

The gunman approached Talumpa, mayor of southern Philippines town Labangan, and shot him and the other three at close range.

Four killed in ambush at Manila airport , including mayor

Four were killed after gunmen opened fire at a passenger terminal at Manila's international airport, apparently targeting the mayor of the southern Philippines town of Labangan.

Haiyan death toll tops 6,000 in the Philippines

Nearly five weeks after Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines, the government says more than 6,000 people have been reported dead and nearly 2,000 remain missing.

Jakarta threatens toilet scrubbing as punishment for jaywalking and littering

JAKARTA — Think about it: Would you rather walk an extra 100 yards to the next crosswalk, or risk scrubbing public toilets in urban train stations? That’s a question residents of Jakarta will be asking themselves in the coming months as the Indonesian capital escalates the battle against its legendary civic chaos.

Breaking Kim Jong Un: How North Korea became a meth hub

SEOUL — Extradited from Thailand, the five suspects appeared before a New York court last month to face charges of a sensational plot: smuggling crystal meth from enemy number one, North Korea. It comes in the form of “Ice,” the powerful, smokable type that delivers a near-immediate jolt to the brain. The drug is primarily made for export, ferried through China and, from there, distributed around the world — including, prosecutors contend, to the US.
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