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Can Hollywood and a handful of journalists save the planet from climate change? Let's hope so

BOSTON — On April 13, Showtime will debut Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary film about climate change. It's packed with the kind of Hollywood names that grab the attention of big audiences: James Cameron. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Matt Damon. Don Cheadle. Harrison Ford. The film also features brand name journalists who grab attention, too: Thomas Friedman. Lesley Stahl. Chris Hayes. David Gelber. 

Scotland, please don’t go

LONDON — Since Scotland's planned referendum on leaving the UK was announced a year ago, unionists have consoled themselves with poll numbers that have consistently shown independence supporters to be in the minority. Now support for independence has surged to its highest level, coming within reach of success for the first time.

Here's why the US and Russia would be MAD to go to war

A look at the nuclear warheads that guarantee our 'mutually assured destruction.'
Nuclear bomb 2014 04 04Enlarge
A French nuclear test in the south Pacific atoll of Mururoa. (File/AFP/Getty Images)
Lurking behind the debate over what to do about Russia’s land grab in Crimea are 3,750 good reasons to speak softly. Yes, strategic nuclear weapons — 1,800 of them in the Russian arsenal, about 1,950 belonging to the United States, according to the Federation of American Scientists — along with the ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and intercontinental strategic bombers that carry them, suddenly are demanding renewed attention.

As Kyiv looks West, Ukraine’s east watches in dismay

STAKHANOV, Ukraine — If there were a perfect counterpoint to Kyiv’s months-long, pro-European protest movement — with its Facebook activists and video campaigns — it could be this grim outpost of smokestacks, machinery and crumbling apartment blocks.

OK ladies, it's official: Putin is single

Calling all single ladies! The most interesting man in the world is now officially available.

Ukraine’s next president could be a chocolate king with mad street cred

Here are 14 things you should know about Petro Poroshenko, the chocolate factory Midas who thinks he can save Ukraine.

What different countries view as their biggest threats (INFOGRAPHIC)

Out of the 39 countries surveyed, America is the least concerned about climate change. See what different countries say is their biggest threat. 

Turkey's latest enemy of the state: Cats

First they came for Twitter. Then they came for YouTube. Now, the definitive proof that Turkey's government hates the internet: it's started hating on cats. 

Q&A: What's next for Venezuela?

LIMA — Bitterly divided between government supporters and opponents, Venezuela appears trapped in a dangerous cycle of protests, violence and repression. Meanwhile, the violent crime, skyrocketing inflation and shortages of basic goods that prompted many Venezuelans to take to the streets continue unabated. What’s next for a country that should be enjoying the economic windfall of the world’s largest proven oil reserves? In search of answers, GlobalPost interviewed Venezuela expert Harold Trinkunas, who heads the Latin America program at the Brookings Institution.

More Chinese relatives fly to Malaysia, demanding the truth about flight MH370

About 50 Chinese relatives of passengers on board missing flight MH370 arrived in Malaysia on Sunday to press for answers about the fate of their loved ones.
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