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Gays can now marry in England, but 20% of Brits wouldn't go to the wedding

Gay couples across England and Wales said "I do" Saturday as a law authorizing same-sex marriage came into effect at midnight, the final stage in a long fight for equality.

Radical protesters besiege Ukrainian parliament

Hundreds of Ukrainian far-right nationalists rallied outside the parliament building in Kyiv, demanding the interior minister's resignation over the death of one of their leaders.

Here's what Mexico City is teaching the rest of Latin America about gay marriage

MEXICO CITY — In Mexico’s modernizing capital, the word these days seems to be “keep calm, and marry on,” a nonchalance toward gay marriage that’s slowly catching on across Latin America. Despite enduring discrimination, courts and congresses are changing laws and attitudes toward gay rights elsewhere in Latin America.

Ukraine’s next headache

DONETSK, Ukraine — Most people here will tell you that the industrial heartland of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking east is no Crimea. With a weaker separatist movement and a comparatively less enthusiastic pro-Russian population, it seems unlikely this part of the country will fall to Moscow any time soon. But that doesn’t mean Kyiv’s post-revolutionary government doesn’t have its work cut out here.

Executions are up 15 percent around the world, and it's mostly because of Iran and Iraq

China, believed to be the world's biggest state executioner, doesn't release its execution figures.

Go home Secret Service agents, you're drunk

The US sent three Secret Service agents tasked with protecting President Obama home after their booze-fest in Amsterdam.

Norway's military cut down on sexual harassment in the most remarkable way

It's so crazy, it just might work. That's what I imagine the conversation ended with when the Norwegian military decided to go ahead with its radical new approach to curbing sexual harassment within its ranks. What's so crazy? Well, rather than separating men and women, the Norwegian military has put them even closer together. Like, in the same room.

Turkish court lifts ban on Twitter days before municipal elections

Turkish authorities are expected to restore access to Twitter after a court issued a temporary injunction against the ban.

Venezuela’s government is sinking in a sea of oil

It has nearly as much crude reserves as the US and Saudi Arabia combined. So how come Venezuela's oil production and exports are slipping and the public is raging in the streets?
NEW YORK — Lurking behind the barricades in Venezuela, where pro- and anti-government forces have battled on and off for more than five weeks, one of the biggest contradictions on the planet helps explain what’s gone wrong with Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian revolution. Sitting atop oil reserves that are larger Venezuela’s oil production and export revenue during the same period have dropped precipitously.

Rumsfeld's remark is the second time in two days that Obama has been compared to an ape

Rumsfeld also said the US-Afghan relationship had been 'first-rate' during the Bush administration, but had gone 'downhill like a toboggan' since Obama took office.
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