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How Russia could strangle the US space program

Think Russia has no way to put pressure on the United States? Think again. The US relies heavily on Russia to furnish the engines that power rockets that deliver both military and civil payloads into space. This includes GPS systems in cars and cellphones, and even systems that allow ATMs to function. Weather satellites are launched into space via Russian-powered rockets, and military systems such as early missile detection also depend on our friends in Moscow.

Did the EU just sell out Ukraine's gay community?

Ukraine says the EU dropped a requirement that the country protect 'sexual minorities' as part of visa negotiations. The EU denies it.

8K people have signed a petition to give Alaska to Russia

Secession. It's all the rage. A petition appeared on this week, asking Obama to give Alaska to Russia. So far, 8,534 people have signed it — which is 389 more people than when I took the screenshot below 24 minutes ago.

On Location video: Rootin' for Putin on Ukraine's eastern edge

DONETSK — Saturday afternoon in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine and a now familiar scene in this city near the Russian border. Russian flags, in a Russian-speaking city. Many here see the new government in Kyiv not as freedom fighters, but as coupmongers.

Obama says US, Europe do not want a confrontation with Russia over Ukraine (LIVE BLOG)

The Ukraine crisis moved on to diplomatic halls, while people in Kyiv began to rebuild.

Q&A: ‘We need shock and awe’ against Russia

GlobalPost speaks to Anders Aslund, an expert on Russian economics, for an analysis of the likely effects of the new sanctions. His verdict: ‘We need much more.’

Why the OAS doesn't want you to hear what this woman has to say

LIMA — A prominent Venezuelan opposition leader was in Washington, DC, Friday to detail her accusations of government repression. In a highly unusual move, Panama allowed Maria Corina Machado, a conservative congresswoman from Caracas, to take up its seat at a session of the Organization of American States.

Top 10 reasons Sen. Dan Coats is sad about being sanctioned by Russia

After Russia issued a travel ban on nine high-ranking Americans, the Republican senator from Indiana asked Twitter if anyone knew the Russian word for 'Hoosier.'

Europe hits back at Russia. An economic Cold War ensues

LISBON — Moscow will find it hard to laugh off sanctions that are starting to bite even before they've been adopted. Fears that Putin’s further escalation in Ukraine could see Europe and the United States impose wider trade sanctions are already hurting Russia's economy.  

As the Kremlin celebrates, Russia’s liberals wallow

MOSCOW — Russia's move to annex Crimea may have sent the patriotic masses here into a jubilant frenzy, but it’s left the small community of liberals and opposition activists wringing hands over worries about a future of growing isolation and authoritarianism.
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