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Europe hits back at Russia. An economic Cold War ensues

LISBON — Moscow will find it hard to laugh off sanctions that are starting to bite even before they've been adopted. Fears that Putin’s further escalation in Ukraine could see Europe and the United States impose wider trade sanctions are already hurting Russia's economy.  

As the Kremlin celebrates, Russia’s liberals wallow

MOSCOW — Russia's move to annex Crimea may have sent the patriotic masses here into a jubilant frenzy, but it’s left the small community of liberals and opposition activists wringing hands over worries about a future of growing isolation and authoritarianism.

Russia may actually be hurting from the US, EU sanctions

Fitch and Standard & Poor's downgraded Russia as US and European leaders widened sanctions against Russia over its seizure of Crimea from Ukraine.

Turkish president says on Twitter that social media bans are unacceptable

Courts blocked access to Twitter after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's defiant vow, on the campaign trail on Thursday.

Exclusive: Uruguay may import marijuana from Canada

MONTEVIDEO — Even though it's becoming the world's first state marijuana monopoly, Uruguay’s government still doesn't have enough cannabis to start selling any time soon. So, where is the official stash going to come from in the meantime? Maybe Canada.

In space, no one can hear you scream over Ukraine

What Russia-US tensions over Ukraine mean for astronauts at the International Space Station.

In eastern Ukraine, an island of calm in a sea of political turmoil

DNIPROPETROVSK, Ukraine — Not everywhere in this country's east is tense. Many people here criticize Russia’s actions and back Ukraine's European course, which is complicating the narrative that the country is evenly split between its pro-Russia east and European-looking west.

Crimea prepares for the world’s most predictable vote

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Although this Black Sea peninsula is still a day away from a referendum asking locals whether they want to join Russia, few here are expecting any surprises. On Friday, the streets were abuzz with equal parts anger at the 'fascist' authorities in Kyiv and praise for Russia’s overwhelming support. Most enthusiastic here are the elderly, those born before the predominantly ethnic Russian region was given to Ukraine in 1954.

Turkish protesters took this epic selfie... in the back of a police van

14 demonstrators fit into the frame, more than Ellen DeGeneres could muster. But was it taken with a Samsung or iPhone?
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