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Tunisian Star Wars cosplayers dance to “Happy” on Tatooine (VIDEO)

This epic video features cosplayers from Star Wars Tunisia dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” — on the original set of Tatooine, the desert home planet of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. The viral song and its 24-hour music video have inspired YouTube homage from around the world, including Tunisia. 

Russia Today interviews actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal about Ukraine

Steven Seagal isn't just an international relations expert. He also plays one on Russian news.

Your starter kit for understanding the chaos unfolding in Crimea

From Sevastopol to Kharkiv: Here are the 13 terms you need to know to understand what's happening between Russia and Ukraine right now.

On social media, Ukraine gives Yanukovych the finger

Ukraine’s newest selfie is weirdly cathartic.

OJ's attorney joins media frenzy for South Africa's 'trial of the century'

The Oscar Pistorius trial features a star athlete, domestic violence, TV cameras, and now OJ’s defense attorney.

Figure skater Javier Fernandez shuts it down with Sochi “Aerobics Class" routine

"A body like this doesn't just happen," says Javi. Specifically, it takes 80s music, tearaway pants and some one-armed push ups.

Who’s who: These are the key figures and groups in Ukraine’s political crisis

Trying to understand what the hell is happening in Ukraine? Here's a breakdown of all the major players.

Watch a colony of bunnies chase a delighted woman on Japan's Rabbit Island

Run for your lives! Because in Japan, one learns to fear the rabbit army.

This building in Lagos, Nigeria could be the world's most futuristic school

Floating schools like this one may offer a resilient solution to rising sea levels in Africa’s most vulnerable coastal communities.
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