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Can Hollywood and a handful of journalists save the planet from climate change? Let's hope so

BOSTON — On April 13, Showtime will debut Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary film about climate change. It's packed with the kind of Hollywood names that grab the attention of big audiences: James Cameron. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Matt Damon. Don Cheadle. Harrison Ford. The film also features brand name journalists who grab attention, too: Thomas Friedman. Lesley Stahl. Chris Hayes. David Gelber. 

Watch as a falling meteorite nearly strikes this Norwegian skydiver

For the first time ever, we have video of a meteorite in "dark flight," the period after a burning meteor passes through the Earth's atmosphere, stops emitting light, and falls straight to the ground at terminal velocity.

Understanding Chile's quake and why to expect more like it

LIMA — The magnitude 8.2 earthquake that shook Chile on Tuesday evening, prompting a brief tsunami alert across the Pacific, will not be the last major temblor hitting South America. Just like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, the region’s entire Pacific Coast sits on some of the world’s biggest seismic faults. Experts warn it’s just a matter of time before more quakes, including even bigger ones, strike. Here are some key factors at play.

People in China are lining up for bags of fresh mountain air

Why fight smog when you can bring in bags of fresh mountain air?

8 scary (but very real) risks we all face if climate change goes unchecked

Global temperatures just 2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels would carry 'considerable' risks, while temperatures 4 degrees higher would bring 'catastrophic' change.

This landmark UN report on climate change is the scariest one yet

The good news? Report says danger could be substantially reduced, especially for those alive at the end of the century, if greenhouse gas emissions are cut swiftly.

This distant galaxy cluster is so huge it can actually bend light

(NASA, ESA, CXC Courtesy) Sometimes, the universe really does just blow your mind.

Killing tigers to entertain the rich and other recent animal outrages

There's been a lot of depressing animal news lately. And it keeps getting worse.

Meet 2012 VP113, the new dwarf planet that's orbiting our sun

At just 280 miles in diameter, it's most likely made of frozen methane and water.
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