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1 in 8 global deaths in 2012 linked to air pollution: WHO

'The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought or understood,' said Maria Neira, head of the WHO's environmental and social public health department.

Here's what a 1,250-mile wide storm that is raging on Saturn looks like

Saturn's wild polar jet stream moves at more than 200 mph and has spawned the 1,250-mile wide storm above the planet's north pole.

How Russia could strangle the US space program

Think Russia has no way to put pressure on the United States? Think again. The US relies heavily on Russia to furnish the engines that power rockets that deliver both military and civil payloads into space. This includes GPS systems in cars and cellphones, and even systems that allow ATMs to function. Weather satellites are launched into space via Russian-powered rockets, and military systems such as early missile detection also depend on our friends in Moscow.

Archaeologists unveil two colossal pharaoh statues in Egypt

Pharaoh Amenhotep III rises again in the historic city of Luxor, Egypt.

NASA spent four years stitching more than 10,000 images to map the north pole of the moon

The folks at NASA have stitched together four years of images to create an amazing new interactive map of the moon.

In space, no one can hear you scream over Ukraine

What Russia-US tensions over Ukraine mean for astronauts at the International Space Station.

Meet Mercury, the solar system's incredibly shrinking planet

New NASA images show Mercury, the solar system's smallest planet, is getting tinier.

In good years, snowy owls build nests out of dead lemmings

'They will eat pretty much anything they can jam down their throats.' Including dolphins.

Watch three Sumatran tiger cubs — the 'world's rarest' — frolic at the London Zoo

With only 300 Sumatran tigers left worldwide, staffers at the London Zoo were probably ecstatic after the arrival of three cubs in early February. On Thursday, the zoo released video footage of the cubs. “We’ve been observing them 24/7, and one of us is always on duty to keep an eye on the little ones throughout the night,” zookeeper Teague Stubbington said online.
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