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This is the oldest fragment of Earth ever found

Talk about vintage. A tiny crystal from Western Australia was confirmed as the oldest fragment of Earth ever found.

Bhutan goes from no TV to all about electric cars

"Technology is not destructive. It's good and can contribute to prosperity for Bhutan," the Prime Minister Tshering Tobgaysaid. It was not always thus.

Hey, the end of the world is today — at least according to the Vikings

It's the end of the world as the Vikings know it. But we're probably all fine.

Watch this chimp celebrate her new freedom with a goodbye hug for Jane Goodall, the primatologist who saved her life

Jane Goodall is among the world's foremost experts on chimpanzees. She's written dozens of books, won dozens of awards, and now runs the Jane Goodall Institute, an international wildlife and environmental conservation NGO. She turns 80 in April and is amazing. Wounda the chimp doesn't know any of that. But she does know how to give a great big goodbye hug to the woman who helped saved her life.

This building in Lagos, Nigeria could be the world's most futuristic school

Floating schools like this one may offer a resilient solution to rising sea levels in Africa’s most vulnerable coastal communities.

This is what it would look like if the world's 7 billion people lived in one city

This map from Per Square Mile illustrates how big a city of 7 billion would be by comparing it to the population density of various cities around the world. 

Northeastern Brazil's drought in pictures

The two-year-long drought in the Sertao is written in textures.

Watch these scientists use robots to hack and control animal communities

What do you get when you combine the science of animal behavior with the latest in robotics technology? You get the LEURRE project. And you get one step closer to complete human dominion over animal life.

'No plan' to kill second giraffe Marius, Danish zoo says (VIDEO)

If you're a giraffe named Marius, you may want to leave Denmark.

Feeding cactus to dying cows (VIDEO)

SERRITA, Brazil — As the price of feed soared, a farmer known here as “Tonio the Ranchero” and his cowboy friends watched their cattle die, one by one. With almost no rain in two years, Serrita's fields have gone barren.
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