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Senegal's Taxi Sisters break new ground

DAKAR, Senegal — Much more is riding in the backseat of Amy Ndiane’s chic neon yellow cab than the occasional passenger. A Muslim woman, 30, who supports two kids from the fares she negotiates, Ndiane is an official, supported-by-the-president “Taxi Sister” — one of the select few female cabbies in Senegal. “I heard there is a woman in the United States who drives a taxi,” mused Ndiane, a former data entry typist. “For Africa, this is a first, for a woman to have a taxi.”

Senegal's colossal statue stirs big controversy

DAKAR, Senegal — A muscled man emerges from a volcano. His left arm holds a baby aloft toward the West, his right arm pulls a scantily clad woman behind him. This is the Monument to the African Renaissance, currently being erected here. It is supposed to symbolize Africa emerging from centuries of oppression, but the statue has left women in Dakar asking: Whose renaissance exactly?

Happy Sheepday!

    As Americans sit down to their Thanksgiving feasts today, Senegalese are furiously getting ready to celebrate the Muslim holiday Tabaski this Saturday. Known as Eid al-Adha in much of the Muslim world, Tabaski is quite possibly the biggest holiday in Senegal, where almost 95 percent of the population is Muslim. People talk about it, save for it and prepare for it all year long.

Senegal's breakdancers take it to the beach

Dakar's kaleidoscope of color

DAKAR, Senegal — It was one of those situations that as a photographer I always hunger for, but never expect. I was out shooting a story this week and stumbled across something else entirely — an explosion of color and life in an otherwise drab concrete compound in the deprived neighborhood of Pikine on the outskirts of Senegal's capital Dakar.

Move over, Monopoly

Pan-Africanism now has its own board game. It's called Jekaben — which means "let's unite and decide together" in Bambara — and its Dakar-based developers hope it will foster a new generation of Pan-Africanists.

30 minutes well spent ... in Senegal

  As payment for my long absence from this notebook, I come bearing a gift . . . Binta and the Great Idea (2004)

Senegal seeks long-term solution to flooding

DAKAR, Senegal — Moving day. Mariyata Seck looks out at the lake that was once her neighborhood in Guediwaye. All of her belongings are piled on the soggy earth behind her and a red, spray-painted X marks her home of more than 20 years for demolition.

Coup leader claims win in Mauritania poll

NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania — As night fell, young women seemed to soar through the streets of this capital city, riding side-saddle on open car windows, their melhefa veils whipping behind them. “Aziz, Aziz,” they chanted to a symphony of jubilant car horns.

"Chop off their heads at their workplaces."

Al Qaeda says it will target 50,000 Chinese working in Algeria and North Africa, in retaliation for the July 5 deaths of 46 Muslim Uighurs in western China. Two other Al Qaeda affiliated web sites are also calling for the deaths of Chinese working in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East:
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