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South Africa mourns passing of Senator Kennedy

Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died Tuesday following his battle with brain cancer, was hailed in South Africa as a staunch supporter of the anti-apartheid movement.

Congratulations, but ... are you really a woman?

Top News: The controversy surrounding the victory of South African athlete Caster Semenya on the 800-meter race at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin sparked outrage in her native land as politicians, local rights groups and sports coaches denounced suspicions over the runner’s sex as

Is this runner male or female? The question sparks outrage in South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — No sooner had Caster Semenya won the 800-meter women's race at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, than questions were asked about whether she is female. The International Association of Athletics Federations said it is investigating the gender of Semenya.

The other Clinton visit

Top News: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited South Africa for more than two days as part of her 11-day trip to seven African countries.  

These legs are made for running

PRETORIA, South Africa — Muhammed Saib grins excitedly. In two hours he became taller by an inch, his shoe size went from 4 to 5 and he is wearing new, cool black sneakers. “Look at my feet, they are bigger, bouncier, lighter!” he chortles, each step wider and steadier. Saib, 13, just got new prosthetic feet and legs. Born with a rare bone disease, his legs end high on the thigh and he lacks a hip connection.

Workers take to the streets in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Thousands of municipal workers marched through downtown Johannesburg this week to demand higher wages and better working conditions. Workers carried the occasional stick or truncheon and protesters vented their frustration at garbage cans, throwing their contents on streets and public parks, as mounted police watched for signs of more serious violence.

Strikes and riots

Top News: Riots against poor service delivery erupted in several townships across the nation as protesters burned tires, looted stores and stoned vehicles.  

Nelson Mandela: So big, he's a holiday too

Mandela Day honors South Africa's former leader with call to humanitarian service.

Florence? Siena? No, Pretoria.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Long characterized by grassy hills and flat-top mine dumps, the high plateau that is the center of South Africa’s economic and political life has welcomed an unexpected addition to its landscape of late: Tuscan villas.

"Chop off their heads at their workplaces."

Al Qaeda says it will target 50,000 Chinese working in Algeria and North Africa, in retaliation for the July 5 deaths of 46 Muslim Uighurs in western China. Two other Al Qaeda affiliated web sites are also calling for the deaths of Chinese working in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East:
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