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5 things you need to know about Kim Jong Il's brain

ATLANTA — North Korea stands accused of sinking a South Korean warship without provocation, killing 46 of its crew.  So just what was Kim Jong Il thinking in what must have been a deliberate move to enrage the South and the international community?

Opinion: How to approach North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea may soon release the findings of an investigation into the sinking of the ROKS Ch’onan, a 1,200-tonne coastal patrol ship, which on March 26 was blown in half by an external explosion. Many people have already blamed North Korea for the attack that killed 46 people near the disputed inter-Korean maritime boundary. They are probably right.

Speak Korean, the language of love

SEOUL, South Korea — Language exchanges here are a tried and true way to learn Korean. But some young male expats are saying that’s not all they use them for. “I’d say most people use it for dating, the Koreans and the foreigners definitely,” said Andrew Kim, a Korean-American English teacher in Seoul. “Most of the friends I know have all dated a girl from [a language exchange website]. I’d say pretty much 100 percent. I never met a guy who said I want to meet this girl just to learn Korean.”

Sailors mourned after one-month search

 Top News: For five days South Korea mourned the death of more than 40 sailors killed in the sinking of a navy ship off the west coast after more than a month of rescue operations. Politicians and South Koreans all across the country lined up at makeshift alters set up around train stations and other public areas to pay their respects to the deceased sailors.

North Korea: the drumbeats of war

ATLANTA — North Korea recently threatened to “mercilessly destroy” its foes. That didn’t elicit much reaction abroad. After all, the terms were similar to threats uttered countless times during and since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Did North Korea torpedo the South’s ship?

 Top News: South Korea has yet to identify what caused a patrol ship to split into two and sink in the West Sea. More than 40 of its crewmembers are still missing after over a week of rescue operations.

Police criticized for slow investigation, arrest of murder suspect

Top News: The police captured a 33-year-old man, who is believed to have raped and murdered a middle school student, almost two weeks after the crime had occurred. The country was thrown into shock when news of the murder was made public, and many criticized the police for the lack of a speedy investigation on the case. The suspect, who is a convicted rapist, was caught roughly two weeks into the investigation, after the body was dumped in a water tank.

Asia's nuclear dilemma

Asian governments are saying they can't fight global warming without more nuclear power.

Record-breaking skater captivates the nation

Top News: Kim Yu-na, dubbed the figure skating queen by South Koreans, set the world record at the Vancouver Winter Olympics with a performance that won her the gold medal. South Koreans cheered her on, watching the women’s figure skating finals on large flat screens in the public and on handheld devices on trains and buses.

Tsunami: Pacific nations wait, and exhale

TOKYO, Japan — Dozens of countries in the Pacific region spent an anxious 24 hours bracing for massive waves after Saturday’s magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile sent a tsunami coursing halfway around the world. The threat of more devastation attracted blanket TV coverage, as millions, from New Zealand to Russia’s far east, waited to learn whether they would be spared or forced to flee their homes.
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