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Pyongyang reportedly admits causing "great pain"

Top News: North Korea’s government made a rare apology to the public about its recent currency reform that caused public unrest due to skyrocketing prices and put severe restraints on free market activities that had spread in the impoverished country, according to South Korean media reports.

Dalai Lama: Blackballed from Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — In the age of growing Chinese influence, there’s a simple measure of a country’s willingness to test China’s wrath. Will they stamp the Dalai Lama’s passport? Add Thailand to the shrinking list of nations that won’t.

North Korea allows some free enterprise

Top News: South Korea exchanged shots across disputed maritime borders in the west sea after North Korean naval forces fired artillery towards the South. The exchange came after North Korea designated a “no-sail” zone in the West Sea adjacent to the Northern Limit Line (NLL) that Pyongyang refuses to recognize as official maritime borders. No casualties or damage was reported on either side, according to the presidential office.

Meet Kim Yu-na, likely queen of Vancouver

BOSTON — At Skate America, the first major figure skating competition of this Olympic season, the best word to describe Kim Yu-na’s much-anticipated performance was clumsy.

"200,000 political prisoners" in North Korea

Top News: The government unveiled its plans for building an education and science hub in the central region of the country, called  Sejong City, which was previously designated as the second administrative capital after Seoul.  

Report: N.Korea fires near South Korea waters

North Korea fired artillery toward South Korean waters near a maritime border in the West Sea, one day after the two sides exchanged shots in the disputed waters, according to South Korea's local Yonhap News Agency. South Korean forces on Wednesday returned shots in the West Sea adjacent to the Northern Limit Line (NLL) that divides the waters in response to fire initiated from North Korean naval forces, according to Yonhap. No damage or casualties resulted from the exchange of fire, the agency reported citing an official from the presidential office.

Modern shamans all the rage in S Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — When I told my friends I would visit a Korean shaman, or mudang, their responses weren’t exactly reassuring. One Korean university student explained to me that evil spirits would hijack my body, prompting me to slit my wrists and drink my own blood until I became a minion of Satan. “Are you nuts? They’re evil!” another friend exclaimed.

Animosity against English teachers in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea — It all started with a Halloween party at a bar in 2004. Most everyone was wearing a risque costume; the women were showing a lot of skin. Many foreign English teachers attended. When the photographs made their way to the internet, the English teachers were blamed. Critics objected to the revealing costumes, worn by both foreigners and locals, saying they undermined Korean women.

Activist interrogated for trespassing in the North

Top News: North Korea announced it has detained an American citizen, believed to be an activist who voluntarily entered the country, for trespassing. Pyongyang made a brief announcement through its official news agency saying that it is interrogating the person for crossing into North Korea from China, but it did not confirm the identity of the detained individual.  

"Witch hunting" on the web. The latest Korean fad?

SEOUL, South Korea — One day you wake up to find your personal life plastered all over the web — photographs of your school days, anonymous comments you made on websites and images of your Facebook page. What do you do? Most South Koreans would advise you to “disappear” for a while. When a university student, who was recently attacked in such a way, responded by posting more things on the web, it only served to fuel the fire. 
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