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On Location: Oujda — Death in the Sahara

Spain's lost children are coming home — in droves

MADRID, Spain — Spain’s Law of Historical Memory aims to make up for persecution or violence suffered during the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War and Franco's ensuing dictatorship.

8 wacky holiday traditions

CHICAGO — It’s hard to think of anything wackier than honoring the birth of Jesus — a man who preached peace, love and charity — by maxing out your credit cards, gorging on turkey, fighting with in-laws and drinking yourself into a stupor. But that’s largely what we Americans do.

Video: Immigrant soccer in Spain

Green technology: From steel mills to wind farms?

PITTSBURGH — Steelworkers tending blast furnaces and rolling mills in Pittsburgh 30 years ago could not have imagined that their jobs would turn so green, or that they would be working for foreign companies that needed their skills.

Spain's Christmas lottery is still "El Gordo"

MADRID, Spain — On the morning of Dec. 22, Spain will be glued to radios and TV sets. A monotonous chant of children’s voices will float through the air of homes, cafeterias and offices for hours. It is the lyrical event of the season, a kickoff to Christmas celebrations. Children dressed up in navy blue and gray uniforms sing, not Christmas carols, but the winning numbers and prizes for the Loteria de Navidad, Spain’s state Christmas lottery.

Japanese flamenco queen does Spain

Spain's latest export: Gay-friendliness?

MADRID, Spain — Guys in drag steal a kiss while gals locked in embrace land a playful smack on a nearby derriere. Such colorful scenes along a main thoroughfare of Spain’s capital city helped garner votes in November to make Madrid’s Gay Pride celebration the best annual gay event in the world, according to a popular gay travel website.

Where the turkey is called chompipe and other Thanksgiving stories

Spain's northern coast pioneers wave energy

But that isn't good news for everyone, as residents recall when nuclear power nearly came to town.
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