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Spirit fingerssssss!! Sochi brings out the wacky in fans (PHOTOS)

It's Winter Olympics time. And for some countries, that means bringing the crazy.

This intense first-person video shows just how crazy the Sochi downhill ski course is

The downhill course at Sochi pretty intense. Bode Miller, a US downhill skier favored to medal in the event, called it "treacherous" after a disappointing 8th place finish. "If you're not focused and paying attention," he said, "this course can kill you." So what does it look like? Thankfully Graham Bell, a former Olympic skier and now a journalist for the BBC, took a run with a video camera.

Sochi's Olympic mountain 'paradise': Here's what oligarch money can buy you

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — Visitors to sunny, seaside Sochi proper may have been thrown off by the palm trees and balmy, springtime weather that seems so unbefitting of the Winter Olympics.

Children watched as a giraffe was euthanized and fed to lions

COPENHAGEN — A Danish zoo sparked outrage Sunday when it put down a healthy young giraffe to prevent inbreeding as young children looked on, before chopping it up and feeding it to lions.

The London tube strike is bringing out the best (worst) in people

When you can't get to work, that gives you more time to take pictures and post them on the internet. Thank god.

On Location: Learning to love cold eel jelly in London's East End (VIDEO)

LONDON — It’s not clear who started the unfair rumor that English food is bad. Could it perhaps have been an uninitiated American who went to East London and came across a bowl of jellied eel?

The 35 most glorious fashion statements in the history of Olympic figure skating

Figure skating is about training, athleticism, technique, and execution. It's also about clothes. Let's look back over the last 25 years of Olympic figure skating and revel in the joy, the wonder, and the confusion that the sport's fashion has brought us.

Is this 'castaway' for real?

MEXICO CITY — Officials on both sides of the Pacific are picking through the tale of a fisherman from Mexico who made land on a tiny island near Australia after 13 months and thousands of miles adrift in a small skiff. His vital signs are strong and he looks awfully fit for a castaway. Should we be skeptical?

9 real-life castaways who are tougher than Tom Hanks

The news this week of a castaway washing ashore in the remote Marshall Islands is the stuff of fiction. And actually Jose Salvador Alvarenga's story very well may be fiction. Hard to say. But here is a list of castaways whose stories have actually been verified — more or less.

Watch 2,000 awesome Swedes support LGBT community by singing Russian national anthem

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are almost here. In Russia, the state and church campaign against LGBT citizens continues. Sweden, meanwhile, continues to be awesome. It's awesome at Olympic cross-country skiing. And it's awesome at showing LGBT solidarity.
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