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Ex-North Vietnamese Army officer messes with reporter's head

I'm fairly sure that through much of the day a retired colonel, Nguyen Huu Nguyen. spent taking me around the old strategic hamlets in Duc Hoa Commune (near My Hanh) and the tunnels at Cu Chi, he was messing with my head.

Afghanistan aid and the Vietnam analogy

An article by The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung's on major increases in staffing of U.S. aid programs in Afghanistan leads Spencer Ackerman to applaud the effort "to roll back the insurgency's ability to outgovern the Kabul government". DeYoung reports that:

Cambodia's coming oil economy

BANGKOK – Haunted by war, and wracked by poverty, Cambodia has had little opportunity to enjoy one its few blessings. The nation of 14 million people, sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, is flush with natural resources. Veins of iron and gold run beneath its soil. Natural forests offer a wealth of timber. Most promising of all are Cambodia’s deposits of oil and gas, believed to snake offshore all the way through the kingdom’s lush interior.

Letter from Hanoi: Vietnam banks under pressure

(Editor's note: this story was provided by our editorial partner VietNamNet) VietNamNet Bridge – Commercial banks, luckily enough, could raise their chartered capital before the deadline. However, a new problem has arisen that they do not know what to do with the additional capital. When planning to raise chartered capital, banks said that they would use the capital to improve material facilities, expand the networks and expand credit. However, the economic difficulties have put pressure on banks in their plan on using the additional capital.

Crying over spilled milk in Vietnam

PHU DONG, Vietnam — Hoan Trong Thuyen, 69, stood over the 2-ton stainless steel milk storage vat with a grim expression. “It’s been here two days already,” Thuyen said. “If the dairy company doesn’t come to buy it tomorrow, we’ll have to pour it out.”

Silicon Sweatshops: Shattered dreams

Special report: Silicon Sweatshops

Whether it's your cherished iPhone, Nokia cell phone or Dell keyboard, it was likely made and assembled in Asia by workers who often toil under sweatshop-like conditions.

The War Hotels: Introduction

BOSTON — Ernest Hemingway’s first and only full length play, “The Fifth Column,” is about a little community that residents of a hotel create for themselves in dangerous times during the Spanish Civil War. The title takes its name from a remark General Francisco Franco made, saying he had four columns advancing on Madrid, and a fifth made up of Fascist sympathizers inside the besieged city.

The War Hotels: Vietnam's Continental Palace

In Saigon there were several war hotels: The Caravelle and the Majestic were popular. But it was the Continental Palace, a relic of French colonial days, that caught the imagination. It had a quiet garden in an internal, Frangipani-filled courtyard where you could have a good, freshly baked French bread and coffee every morning. There was a peacock in the garden that would take your bread off the table, if you weren't looking. The peacock disappeared at a time when there were shortages in the city during the Tet offensive — I suspect into a cooking pot.


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