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What you need to know about the 6 groups embroiled in Ukraine's crisis

NATO. EU. G8. OSCE. Trying to keep track of the organizations involved in Ukraine's crisis is almost like trying to read a swirling alphabet soup. It can be hard for even the most well-read to keep up with the rapidly-evolving crisis. Here, GlobalPost takes a look at some of the acronyms you'll see in daily coverage, what they stand for, their role in Ukraine, and how much power or influence each group has:

Why a Crimean enclave is just saving up trouble

Splitting off non-contiguous territories has been a surefire prescription for violence.
As bad ideas go, the creation of a new ethnic enclave separated from the historical motherland as a means of solving an international problem is about as bad as they get.

Russia would attack Russians to justify war in Ukraine, ex-Putin aide alleges

‘Right now Russian special forces from the 22nd Brigade are in Ukraine, and we should expect staged attacks on Russian soldiers and citizens. Putin’s purpose is Kyiv,’ Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to Vladimir Putin, tells GlobalPost.

Russia Today interviews actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal about Ukraine

Steven Seagal isn't just an international relations expert. He also plays one on Russian news.

The threat of war in Ukraine sparks anti-war demonstrations around the world

Dozens of protesters demonstrating against Russia's buildup of troops and military equipment in Crimea were arrested by police in Moscow and St. Petersburg on Sunday.

Your starter kit for understanding the chaos unfolding in Crimea

From Sevastopol to Kharkiv: Here are the 13 terms you need to know to understand what's happening between Russia and Ukraine right now.

Today in US hypocrisy: Kerry slams Russia for 'invading another country' on 'trumped-up pretext'

Kerry voted for the Iraq war, which, you'll remember involved 'invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext.'

What Putin really wants with Crimea

Part of the reason Europe and the United States have been caught off guard by Putin in Crimea, as they have been elsewhere so many times recently, is that they tend to assume he makes decisions in his country’s interests, like his Western counterparts. That’s not the case. Putin makes decisions that are in his interests.

US Treasury publishes a family tree of Chapo Guzman's cartel empire

MEXICO CITY — If Mexico's government is serious about taking down drug lords, here's a detailed roadmap provided by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control. Godspeed.

From Genghis Khan to the Charge of the Light Brigade, Crimea is no stranger to conflict

Russia's current incursion in Crimea is just another chapter in the tiny peninsula's long history of conflict.
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