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US blasts Syria for delaying removal of chemical weapons

Robert Mikulak, the US representative to the UN-backed Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said the process had 'seriously languished.'

5 huge global problems Obama ignored in his State of the Union address

President Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union address had a few glaring omissions, among them the growing violence in Iraq and the National Security Agency spying scandal.

14 songs by Pete Seeger that are more relevant than ever, sadly

Pete Seeger died on Monday at the age of 94. He was a folk music legend and activist whose songs called for peace, social justice, and environmental protection. Here are some songs to help you celebrate Seeger's life and music while keeping his message alive.

The Seattle Seahawks hacked CNN last night

Last night the Seattle Seahawks, an American football team headed to the Super Bowl, appeared suddenly passionate about CNN's unfair coverage of the war in Syria.

Key players at the Syria peace talks in Montreux (PHOTOS)

The UN-led conference is aimed at finding a political solution to the three-year bloody conflict which has killed more than 130,000 people. 

Human Rights Watch condemns Syria inaction, US spying in annual report

Human Rights Watch is not happy with the international community and its lack of action in Syria. And it's really not happy with the United States.

Syria conflict by the numbers, through photos

More than 130,000 people have been killed, at least 500,000 wounded, millions uprooted and the economy devastated in Syria’s nearly three-year conflict. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the Syria donors conference in Kuwait on Wednesday that nearly half of Syria’s population needs urgent humanitarian help as the situation deteriorates.

Syria government takes advantage as rebels battle jihadists near Aleppo

Syrian troops seized a rebel-held town north of Aleppo on Saturday and pushed toward the second city, taking advantage of fighting between rebels and jihadists elsewhere, activists said. "Regime forces have taken over the area of Naqarin and are advancing towards the industrial area of Aleppo city," said the Aleppo Media Centre, a network of activists on the ground. "This advance is clearly a result of the rebels being busy fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant," activist Nazeer al-Khatib told AFP in a Skype call.

Ghosts of battles past haunt Iraq

It may be a new year, but the names in the headlines are eerily reminiscent of times gone by: Fallujah, Anbar, Al Qaeda. Why is the land of 'mission accomplished' still suffering?
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