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It's Groundhog Day all over again

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pennsylvania — The annual event, made even more popular by the 1993 film comedy "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray, draws thousands of faithful followers from as far away as Australia and Russia.

Guess what happened to the komodo dragon at 'death zoo'

A 3-year-old komodo dragon has died at an Indonesian zoo infamous for scores of animal deaths, zoo officials said Saturday.

Pamela Anderson's anti-fur letter to Netanyahu, explained

JERUSALEM — Thursday morning, news broke that Pamela Anderson had capped off her Holy Land honeymoon by writing a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to endorse a bill banning the sales of clothes made of animal fur. Naturally, this was one of those headlines that raised more questions than it answered.

New species of river dolphin discovered in the Amazon

A team of scientists have discovered a new species of freshwater river dolphin in the Amazon. It is the first new species of river dolphin to be discovered since 1918, when scientists found the now-extinct Yangtze river dolphin (Lipotes vexillifer) in China.

Japan's dolphin hunt: Tradition or barbary? (VIDEO)

The history of dolphin hunting in Japan is back in the spotlight after the annual slaughter of hundreds of bottlenose dolphins began in Taiji on Tuesday morning.

Watch Japanese fishermen catch a 26-foot, 360-pound Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is an elusive, deep-ocean creature that doesn't come around too often. So when it does show up, it's kind of a big deal.

Scientists created an amazing genetically modified mosquito that can stop dengue fever

Panama will try to control a dengue outbreak that has claimed six lives this year by releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to render infertile female transmitters of the disease, officials said Tuesday. Health Ministry director Carlos Galvez told AFP the technique has "shown promise" in Brazil and the Cayman Islands. In Panama, it is being run by the Instituto Gorgas tropical research institute.

Virunga national park in Congo site of gunbattle with Rwandan rebels, 4 killed

Four people were killed and two seriously injured in a clash between national park rangers and suspected Rwandan rebels in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, the park said Sunday. The Virunga national park, home to DR Congo's only population of endangered mountain gorillas, said one of its rangers died in a battle on Saturday morning that also claimed the lives of three rebel fighters. Two other guards were wounded and one rebel was captured.
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