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31 big furry predators that desperately need your help

Lions, tigers, and bears seem like they can take care of themselves, right? Big teeth, big claws, top of the food chain, the whole deal. Not so fast, scientists say. A new study published this week in Science tells us that 31 big predators need more protection than they are getting.

Grumpy Gareth the feisty ferret needs forever home, PR consultation after BBC story

Woodside animal sanctuary in Plymouth, England has a ferret problem, and it caught the attention of England's venerable broadcaster — for better or worse.
Grumpy gareth the ferret bbc woodside plymouth 01 10 14Enlarge
Grumpy Gareth the feisty ferret caught the attention of BBC on Jan. 10, 2014, reporting staff at Woodside animal sanctuary in Plymouth, England, are at a loss trying to adopt the wily weasel. (BBC/Screengrab)

We are worried for Gareth the ferret.

We're concerned he may never find his "forever" home, after the BBC brought his sad story to light, but also dubbed him “Grumpy Gareth.”

Unfortunately, Gareth has to go soon since he’s blocking the adoption of 11 other ferrets (who are unfailingly well-behaved, no doubt).


First Taiwan-born panda charms media

The first Taiwan-born giant panda cub was unveiled to the media on Saturday in a warm up for her highly-anticipated public debut next week.

Bali security guard killed by python

A security guard at the leafy Bali Hyatt was strangled to death by a large python early on Thursday, after he attempted to capture the reptile while the luxury hotel underwent renovations.

12 incredible new species discovered in 2013

Every year, scientists, researchers and amateur naturalists discover 15,000 new species, on average, and we learn a little more about the planet we call home. From walking sharks to giant flying squirrels, these are some of the best new species discovered in 2013.

Pam Anderson, Sam Simon offer $1M to end seal hunt in Newfoundland (VIDEO)

Regardless of how hard they tried, nobody wanted to accept $1 million from Pamela Anderson and Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, on Tuesday in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The pair landed on The Rock to offer fishermen money to end the seal hunt, but there was nobody working at the union office where they chose to stage a frantic press event. Worse still for the Hollywood duo, sealers outside the building jeered and peppered them with questions as journalists recorded it all.

China bans shark fin soup, other wildlife products at official dinners

Shark fin soup, your days are numbered — at least when it comes to official Chinese state banquets, after a new regulation was enacted that bans dishes made from shark fins, bird nests, and other wild animal products at official events.

5 examples that prove ants are the most underrated animals

December 4th was International Cheetah Day. Ho hum. I barely noticed because I was celebrating International Ant Day, just like I do every day. Ants are easy to overlook. Most people will kill an ant and not care at all. Well ants can kill elephants and they can kill you, too, so back your back, son.  We should be living in awe and fear of these tiny little guys. They do amazing things. Let's visit their tiny kingdom and see the amazing things they can do! Here are my 5 of the most amazing ants on Earth.
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