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Warming seas and super-storms raze the cradle of aquatic life…

CAYE CAULKER, Belize — Stripped of its color and smashed into pieces, the dead coral all but carpets the seafloor. Here, just off Caye Caulker, a tiny, bucolic Caribbean isle that is a magnet for snorkelers and scuba divers, the ravages of climate change are clear to see. Hurricanes have long been normal in this part of the world, and the spectacular reefs have adapted naturally to withstand the battering of storm waves. But not like this.

Twin Gaza lion cubs die just days after birth

Twin lion cubs, Fajr and Sjel, died three days after they were born in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya at the Bissan amusement park. The Guardian sourced an anonymous interior ministry official who said the cubs were in poor health, inadequately fed and that the father was behaving aggressively towards them. The lion cubs were announced  through Hamas' armed wing via Twitter on Tuesday:

Dogs could be descended from ancient European wolves

New evidence in the long-running argument over the origins of the domestic dog indicates that the European wolf may be a top contender.

Oldest big cat fossil found in the Himalayas

Scientists have discovered the most ancient big cat fossils on record in the Himalayas, in a find that will hopefully help explain how these predators spread throughout the world.

Rare 'Asian unicorn' spotted in Vietnam

The sighting of the saola, often called the 'Asian Unicorn' because humans seldom see the horned creatures, suggests that conservation efforts in Vietnam are making headway.
Asian unicorn 2013 11 13Enlarge
A saola, or "Asian unicorn," is caught on camera for the first time in 14 years in a remote Vietnam forest. (World Wildlife Fund/Courtesy)

In parts of Asia, "unicorns" really do exist.

At least in theory.


8 critically endangered species to appreciate while you still can

Here are eight species considered "Critically  Endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. They are awesome. Please don't let them die.

New hammerhead shark species found off South Carolina

A team of South Carolina researchers makes a startling discovery: a new species of hammerhead shark.

Hundreds of tortoises found in luggage at Thai airport

Thai customs on Thursday said they had discovered over 420 protected tortoises stashed in unclaimed suitcases on a luggage belt in Bangkok's main international airport. Officials became suspicious about two unusually heavy bags left on the carousal at Suvarnabhumi Airport, according to a statement from the customs department. After X-raying the suitcases, they found 423 radiated tortoises, as well as 52 unknown species of turtle or tortoise. The statement said no suspect was arrested over the bags, which arrived in Thailand on a flight from Bangladesh.

New T. Rex dinosaur, the King of Gore, proves predators much older than first believed

With a name like the “King of Gore,” you can imagine just how menacing the newest species of dinosaur might have been. Researchers revealed in Utah on Wednesday the oldest tyrannosaur ever discovered, an animal that roamed North America some 10 million years earlier than previously believed.

Bay cat, one of the world's most rare, caught on camera in Borneo (VIDEO)

A bay cat — one of the rarest cats in the world — has been spotted on camera in Borneo. Ecologists from the Zoological Society of London and Imperial College London used camera traps all over the jungle in Borneo to snap photos of the creature.
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