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Why Russia really wants Crimea

Putin doesn’t really believe Russian claims that the West was behind the ousting of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow leader Victor Yanukovych last month. Nor, as he sometimes argues, that Washington wants to overthrow the Kremlin and plunder Russia’s natural resources.

Newspaper apologizes for cartoon showing swastika flying over Canada's parliament

Readers have been slow to forgive over satire that was 'simply aligning the Harper government’s policies with the Nazis.'

Some things you should know about RT, Russia's state-funded news network

Since Russia’s intervention in Crimea, you’ve heard a lot about a network called RT, or Russia Today. As you can probably guess, RT is no ordinary news network.

Russian officials lash out at US after State Department publishes list of Putin lies

The United States can’t handle the truth. At least according to the Russian response to a State Department top-10 list that compiled President Vladimir Putin’s “false truths” on Ukraine. After Putin’s press conference about Ukraine on Wednesday, the US State Department released a top-10 list of his "false truths" that many considered tongue-in-cheek. Russia was not amused.

Europe toughens its stance on Ukraine

LISBON — Clearly exasperated by its latest moves to break up Ukraine, European Union leaders toughened their position on Russia during a day-long summit Thursday by agreeing to impose political sanctions against Moscow.

The State Department channeled its inner Letterman with this Top 10 Russian lies about Ukraine list

The State Department gets all David Letterman on us with a list of what it calls the Top 10 Russian lies about Ukraine.

Ukraine’s crisis is a wake-up call for the West

LISBON — As leading diplomats from the United States and Europe emerged on Wednesday from their first day butting heads with their Russian counterparts over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the crisis is forcing Western countries to rethink some of their basic assumptions about security on the continent and their long-term relationship with Russia.

These photos show just how divided Venezuela is right now

Hugo Chavez's would-be successor Nicolas Maduro struggles to contain violent protests as the country marks the first anniversary of Chavez's death.

2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominees include Malala, Pope Francis ... Putin?

This year's nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize include Pope Francis, Malala Yousafzai, Edward Snowden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian TV beats war drum on home front

MOSCOW — As tensions in Crimea escalate amid Kyiv’s desperate scramble to restore political order, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine is serving as an ideological vanguard for Russia’s military operations there.
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