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On Location: Delhi — India's killer roads

On Location: Bangkok — Heal Thailand with love

On Location: Venezuela — Chavez's new weapon

On Location: Sarajavo — A train journey

On Location: Cannes — The less glamorous side

On Location: Shoul, Morocco — On the organic food frontier

Small-scale farmers are leading an emerging trend toward organics.

On Location: Delhi — Psychiatry at the street level

Psychiatry at the street level in India.

On Location: Awaiting Russia’s next move at Ukraine’s eastern border

On Location: Welcome to Botswana, a new front line for fracking

This video was adapted from The High Cost of Cheap Gas, a documentary about fracking in Southern Africa. The project received funding from Alliance Earth: The Independent Environmental Reporting Initiative, The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and 20 individual donors.

On Location: Stranded cargo ships mark slow recovery in typhoon-devastated village

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