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Clear eyes, full hearts in Juarez

Can a simple meeting between two teenagers help bring peace to the Middle East? (VIDEO)

TEL AVIV, Israel and BETHLEHEM, The West Bank — Though they live just a few miles apart, a lot of Israelis and Palestinians rarely interact. Many Palestinians have never seen Israelis other than soldiers in uniforms. Many Israelis have never met Palestinians. We follow two teenagers from opposite sides of the wall as they meet for the first time.

On Location Video: When Iraq becomes a safe haven

On Location Video: Britain's Badger Wars

On Location Video: 3-D print your house

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — 3-D printers have been used to make guns, shoes and even prosthetic limbs, but now two architecture firms hope to print the world’s first livable homes. One of the companies says it’ll start building a traditional Dutch canal house later this year. The other plans a more abstract design to be built by an Italian printer. It fuses sand and ground rock — cheap, abundant materials that could yield low-cost housing for the poor.

On Location Lebanon: Syrian factions find common ground as refugees

On Location: Why so many people in Mexico still go missing

COAHUILA STATE, MexicoThe federal government says 26,000 people have been reported missing across Mexico since 2006, and yet just two states have a local prosecutor's office dedicated to the investigation of such cases. 

On Location: Syrian refugees harassed, beaten in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt — They fled the horrors in Syria to a place they thought they would be welcomed. And they were, until Egypt's military coup in July heightened tensions and turned locals against them.

On Location: How Syria is the new Rwanda (VIDEO)

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Every day, 2013 Syria is becoming more like 1994 Rwanda.

While civil violence inside the country has killed upwards of 100,000 people, millions fleeing the fighting have lost their homes and means to survive. Over 2 million have poured into neighboring countries as refugees; as many as 7 million, meanwhile, are internally displaced.

“We haven’t seen something like that maybe since Rwanda,” said Raymond Offenheiser, the president of Oxfam America.

On Location Video: Italy's grads give up on the city and start a farm (VIDEO)

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