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On Location Video: Thrashing for Allah

On Location Timbuktu: Can elections bring peace?

TIMBUKTU, Mali — Less than a year after Al Qaeda-linked extremists ruled the north, Malians took to the polls. Two candidates made it to a runoff. Many Malians say they are eager to turn the page, but others wonder how much an election can accomplish.

On Location Video: Mexico's drug cartels recruit migrant labor

MEXICO — As the US Congress mulls legislation to increase fencing and manpower on the United States southern border, migrants from Central America face increasing perils as they cross Mexico. The Mexican crackdown on drug trafficking, partly financed by the US government, is prompting criminal gangs to exploit other revenue streams such as kidnapping and extortion. And these gangs are now tapping migrant streams for new recruits. Those fleeing poverty back home find it hard to resist the lure of a life of crime, and some are being given no choice.

On Location Video: Syria threatens Lebanon’s fragile peace

TRIPOLI, Lebanon — A precarious calm marks Ramadan in Bab-el-Tabene, a poor Lebanese neighborhood just 20 miles from the Syrian border. But the scars of war are everywhere.

Battles between Sunnis and nearby Alawites have become a grim routine over the last four years.

This is more than a fight between two neighborhoods. The Alawites, from the same sect as the ruling regime in Damascus, support the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. The Sunnis support the rebels.

On Location Spain: My Cyborg Life

Born totally colorblind, artist Neil Harbisson wears what he calls an eyeborg, a sensor attached to a chip attached to his head. The sensor detects colors, as well as some UV and infrared wavelengths and the chip converts them into sounds that it transmits to his ears via bone conduction.

Harbisson has started the Cyborg foundation to advocate for others hoping to extend their senses.

On Location Video: Mexico's gangster bling

MEXICO CITY — Decoding Mexico's decked out drug cartels.

On Location: Saving Senegals Fish

On Location West Bank: Smuggling Sperm

On Location Brazil: Why they’re still marching

RIO DE JANEIRO — The Brazilian government is racing to usher in ambitious reforms to address protesters’ complaints. And yet, apparently it isn’t enough. After nearly three weeks of protests, thousands of demonstrators are still swarming the streets.

On Location Brazil: Why they keep marching

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