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Man steals phone from Ebola patient at Uganda hospital, gets Ebola

A man stole a mobile phone from an Ebola patient in an isolation ward at a Western Uganda hospital. The thief — surprise! — also became infected with Ebola.
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Officials from the World Health Organization wear protective clothing on July 28, 2012 as they prepare to enter Kagadi Hospital in Kibale District, about 200 kilometres from Kampala, Uganda, where an outbreak of Ebola virus started. The World Health Organization has said there is no need to panic and that everything has been done to contain the situation. In a statement yesterday,Ugandan President Museveni urged the public to desist from physical contact, such as shaking hands, in order to prevent a further spread of the disease. (ISAAC KASAMANI /AFP/Getty Images)
A man stole a mobile phone from an Ebola patient in an isolation ward at a Western Uganda hospital. The thief — surprise! — also became infected with Ebola.

Ebola outbreak may have spread at baby's funeral

The Ebola outbreak that's currently terrifying residents of western Uganda is believed to have spread widely at the funeral at the first known victim, a 3-month-old girl whose mother also died from the disease.

Ebola puts Kenya labs on high alert

Uganda's southern neighbor, Rwanda, has also taken steps to detect the disease.

Ebola caused 14 deaths in Western Uganda this month

Ebola is the culprit for 14 deaths in Uganda this month, said the World Health Organization, ending speculation about the identity of the malady.

Deadly landslide wipes out Ugandan villages

The death count has risen from 10 to 100 in a catastrophic landslide that devastated multiple villages.
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Ugandan soldiers and relatives try to retreive the bodies of villagers burried under a landslide at Bududa in Mbale district in eastern Uganda that engulfed entire villages killing at least 80 people in March 2010. (Peter Busomoke/AFP/Getty Images)

NAIROBI, Kenya — A landslide that swept through at least two villages in eastern Uganda may have killed over 100 people, according to the national branch of the Red Cross and a local official.

Other early reports gave a much lower figure of 10 dead.

Deadly landslides occur with depressing regularity during the heavy rainy seasons on the western slopes of Mount Elgon, demolishing homes and villages and burying people alive. In March 2010 hundreds of people died in a landslide in Nametsi, close to the site of today's disaster.

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Uganda landslide destroys 3 villages, death toll unknown

Uganda Red Cross Secretary General Michael Richard Nataka told BBC News that 20 have been confirmed dead and that the initial estimate shows that number could rise to 100.

Uganda to ban pro-gay rights NGOs for 'promotion of homosexuality'

"The NGOs are channels through which monies are channeled to [homosexuals] to recruit," Lokodo told Reuters.

Uganda captures top Kony commander

Caesar Achellam was captured alive by US-backed Ugandan troops as he attempted to cross into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Joseph Kony on the run as manhunt steps up

Abou Moussa, the head of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa, said, "The latest we've received so far is that, contrary to what Kony used to do - to stay one month, two months on the ground - he's now moving almost every other day, which means the pressure is mounting on him."

Uganda police officer suspended over Turinawe 'sexual abuse'

Ugandan TV footage shows a police officer squeezing Turinawe's breast as she was being arrested at a rally near Kampala on Friday. 
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