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UN approves sanctions after North Korea threatens nuclear strike against US

SEOUL — Thursday's threat is a significant step up from the rhetoric over the past month. Observers are debating the significance of its origin from the foreign ministry as opposed to the military, a major power in North Korean politics that typically launches such threats.

For a Korean peace, are sports stars our only hope?

SEOUL — Dennis Rodman is part of a grander, gradual change that State Department bureaucrats have been trying — and failing — to achieve for two decades in North Korea. He’s the latest in a line of artists, musicians, scientists and athletes to visit this “hermit state,” helping to open the Asian dictatorship to the world.

Dennis Rodman in North Korea latest chapter of basketball diplomacy (VIDEO)

Kim Jong-il built basketball courts at his mansions and watched NBA games at all hours while ruling over Hermit Kingdom.

North Korea threatens to cancel Korean War truce

SEOUL, South Korea — The threat comes as the UN Security Council prepares to discuss increasing sanctions on North Korea in response to its nuclear test last month.

Video of the Day: Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters do North Korea

Of all the colorful stories that have resulted from Rodman's trip to North Korea, this video is one of our favorites.
Dennis rodman north korea tripEnlarge
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman speaks during a press conference in Antwerp, on November 10, 2009. (DIRK WAEM/AFP/Getty Images) (DIRK WAEM/AFP/Getty Images)
This 14-minute long video is certainly worth the watch, if for no other reason than that it gives us a rare inside look into life in the Hermit Kingdom.

Dennis Rodman declares Kim Jong Un 'friend for life' (VIDEO)

"He's such a proud man. His country like him – not like him, love him... I love him," said Dennis Rodman after his dinner with Kim Jong Un.

Obama set ablaze in new North Korean video

GWANGJU, South Korea — North Korea has published an online "warning" video aimed at the West on the nation's Uriminzokkiri network — oh, and it's set to the music from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

North Korean defectors to South launch anti-Pyongyang leaflets over the border (VIDEO)

North Korean defectors to the South launched over 200,000 anti-Pyongyang leaflets over the border on February 16th, marking what would have been the late Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il's 71st birthday.

North Korea nuclear test invites further European sanctions

European diplomats working in the capital Pyongyang have also said they will boycott Saturday’s celebrations marking deceased leader Kim Jong-Il’s birthday.

How do you solve a problem like (North) Korea?

BOSTON — Five questions with MIT expert Jim Walsh on what North Korea's nuclear detonation means for China, the US and global security.
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