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Guatemala: art out of violence

GUATEMALA CITY — It’s a picture of a clown, face down on the sidewalk. His massive, red pointy shoes stick out to each side, and a small puddle of blood expands outward from his head.

Guatemala's alternative news network

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — “What should we cover, where should we put the camera, who should we give the microphone to?” 

Fun photo: Giant sinkhole found under a bed

A 40-foot-deep sinkhole formed under the bed of a elderly Guatemalan woman.

Well how about that. An elderly Guatemalan woman found a 40-foot-deep sinkhole under her bed.

Inocenta Hernandez heard a loud boom that she thought was a neighbor's gas canister exploding. 

After searching her house, she found a sinkhole — about 40 feet deep and 32 inches in diameter — under her bed, reports the Guardian.


Gunmen in Mexico kidnap 80 migrants: report

The National Human Rights Commission estimates that at least 11,333 migrants, mostly from Central America, were kidnapped in Mexico between April and September 2010.

Central America: United they stand, or divided they fall?

MANAGUA — Central America has gone from being a passageway, to a warehouse, to a giant 7-Eleven of illegal services.

The invasion of Mexico's drug cartels

GUATEMALA CITY — The scene was shocking even for a country made cold to horror: 27 bodies, all but one decapitated, spread around a cattle ranch and a note written in a victim’s blood.

Guatemala massacre leaves 27 dead

"This is the worst massacre we have seen in modern times," said police spokesman Donald Gonzalez.

Sandra Torres de Colom, Guatemala first lady, divorces for presidency

She said the decision to divorce her husband of eight years and live apart has been "very difficult."
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