Women&#039;s rights http://www.globalpost.com/taxonomy/term/19709/all en Pakistani men acquitted over Mukhtaran Mai's rape case http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/pakistan/110421/mukhtaran-mai-pakistan-gang-rape <p> The 2002 case drew international attention because the victim chose to speak out about her ordeal and thereby became a symbol of the fight for women&#39;s rights in Pakistan. She was named one of the TIME&#39;s Asia Heroes in 2004.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/pakistan/110421/mukhtaran-mai-pakistan-gang-rape" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Islam Women's rights Pakistan Thu, 21 Apr 2011 15:24:44 +0000 News Desk 5639308 at http://www.globalpost.com Congo: nearly 2 million women have been raped, reports study http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/africa/110512/congo-rape-sexual-assault <p> It shows that the problem of rape in Congo, long considered a serious situation, is actually even bigger and more pervasive than previously known.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/africa/110512/congo-rape-sexual-assault" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Africa Congo Women's rights Conflict Zones War Thu, 12 May 2011 05:51:35 +0000 News Desk 5644255 at http://www.globalpost.com Saudi woman arrested for driving http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110524/saudi-woman-arrested-driving <p> The woman started a Facebook page with a group of other activists to encourage women to defy the ban. The group, called &quot;Teach me how to drive so I can protect myself,&quot; drew support from 12,000 people and called for a mass drive on June 17. It was then removed from Facebook.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110524/saudi-woman-arrested-driving" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights Saudi Arabia Tue, 24 May 2011 06:20:03 +0000 News Desk 5646926 at http://www.globalpost.com Saudi Arabia: lingerie shops to have female staff http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110609/saudi-arabia-lingerie-shops-have-female-salesw <p> Strict laws in Saudi Arabia aim to segregate unrelated men from women, resulting in a prohibition on men and women working together in lingerie shops. As a result, women -- covered in abayas and headscarves -- have had to chat with men -- who were normally unaccustomed to interacting with unrelated women -- about their bra sizes and panty preferences.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110609/saudi-arabia-lingerie-shops-have-female-salesw" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights Saudi Arabia Thu, 09 Jun 2011 05:02:00 +0000 News Desk 5650107 at http://www.globalpost.com Saudi women demand driving rights http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110615/saudi-womens-rights-driving-rights <p> RIYADH &mdash; Women have been harshly punished for driving in Saudi Arabia, where they are prohibited from doing so. Officials have warned women from participating in the June 17 campaign.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110615/saudi-womens-rights-driving-rights" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Travel/Tourism Women's rights Middle East Saudi Arabia Wed, 15 Jun 2011 16:30:00 +0000 Caryle Murphy 5651402 at http://www.globalpost.com China and the worst-ever, man-made gender gap http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/china/110615/china-and-the-worst-ever-man-made-gender-gap <p> BEIJING &mdash; What risks do these restless young men pose and how will China handle them?</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/china/110615/china-and-the-worst-ever-man-made-gender-gap" target="_blank">read more</a></p> China Women's rights Emerging Markets China Culture & Lifestyle Health Thu, 03 Jan 2013 19:36:25 +0000 Kathleen E. McLaughlin 5651494 at http://www.globalpost.com China's ghost brides http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/china/110615/chinas-ghost-brides <p> TAIYUAN, China &mdash;</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/china/110615/chinas-ghost-brides" target="_blank">read more</a></p> China Women's rights Emerging Markets World Religion China Culture & Lifestyle Health Thu, 03 Jan 2013 19:36:24 +0000 Kathleen E. McLaughlin 5651495 at http://www.globalpost.com Pakistan sees boom in female madrassas http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/pakistan/110616/pakistan-female-madrassas <p> Some families choose the madrassas because they want to prevent their daughters from forming romantic relationships before marriage.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/pakistan/110616/pakistan-female-madrassas" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights Conflict Zones World Religion Pakistan Thu, 16 Jun 2011 06:27:24 +0000 News Desk 5651534 at http://www.globalpost.com Saudi Arabia women drive cars to protest ban http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110617/saudi-driving-ban-womens-rights-protest <p> Last month, a woman was arrested and spent more than a week in jail after driving a car.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/saudi-arabia/110617/saudi-driving-ban-womens-rights-protest" target="_blank">read more</a></p> gender equality Islam Travel/Tourism Women's rights Middle East Saudi Arabia Fri, 17 Jun 2011 14:10:00 +0000 News Desk 5651804 at http://www.globalpost.com India: Uttar Pradesh sees 5 rape cases in 48 hours http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/india/110621/india-uttar-pradesh-sees-5-rape-cases-48-hours <p> The father told police the girl had been returning home from classes at a local madrassa when she got separated from her brother in the rain. When the family went to look for her, they found her in the fields.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/india/110621/india-uttar-pradesh-sees-5-rape-cases-48-hours" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights India Tue, 21 Jun 2011 06:49:00 +0000 News Desk 5652508 at http://www.globalpost.com Syria: men promise to marry rape victims http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110624/syria-men-marry-rape-victims <p> When a woman is raped in Syria, the act brings shame upon her and her entire family. Families have therefore been known to kill raped women to reclaim the family&#39;s so-called honor. Even when allowed to live, Syrian rape victims are generally not allowed to remarry.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110624/syria-men-marry-rape-victims" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Arab Spring Syria Women's rights Conflict Zones Middle East Fri, 24 Jun 2011 05:00:08 +0000 News Desk 5653986 at http://www.globalpost.com Thailand: Is Yingluck a win for women's rights? http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/thailand/110708/thailand-yingluck-win-womens-rights <p> BANGKOK &mdash; While Southeast Asia has a legacy of women leaders, their success seems to have less to do with individual merits than with familial connections to powerful men.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/thailand/110708/thailand-yingluck-win-womens-rights" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights World Leaders Elections Education Indonesia Philippines Thailand Sat, 09 Jul 2011 10:31:00 +0000 Newley Purnell 5669899 at http://www.globalpost.com Bra chain world record attempt halted over tangled underwear http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/uk-bra-chain-record-attempt-fails-tangled-lingerie <div class="field field-type-text field-field-subhead"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> A U.K. charity group's attempt at setting a new bra chain world record was foiled by boxes of tangled brassieres. </div> </div> </div> <div class="field field-type-text field-field-byline1"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> News Desk </div> </div> </div> <!--paging_filter--><p> A world record attempt to link thousands of bras in a chain had to be called off when the underwear became too tangled to continue, organizers said.</p> <p> The brassieres had been neatly packed into boxes but somehow became tangled and could not be separated quickly enough to challenge the <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-14358369">bra chain Guinness World Record</a>, according to organizers of the charity event held in Worcester, in the U.K.</p> <p> &quot;We couldn&#39;t get the bras out quick enough,&rdquo; one of the <a href="http://www.brachain.org.uk/about.htm">Bra Chain</a> organizers told the BBC. &quot;Like Christmas lights you put them away nicely but when you go to get them they don&#39;t come out.&quot;</p> <p> Bra Chain volunteers, known as &ldquo;<a href="http://af.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idAFTRE7704BS20110801?sp=true">hookers</a>,&rdquo; had been vying to beat a record held by Australians of 166,000 bras linked together, Reuters reports.</p> <p> They had hoped to hook together more than 100 miles of bras around the Worcester Racecourse, or about 95 times around the track. However, they were forced to quit at halfway through the record attempt due to the boxes of lingerie in a twist.</p> <p> The organizers said they will make another attempt within six to eight weeks, and are still accepting bra donations to help with the world record bid.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/uk-bra-chain-record-attempt-fails-tangled-lingerie" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Women's rights Entertainment Offbeat United Kingdom Weird Wide Web Tue, 02 Aug 2011 03:49:38 +0000 News Desk 5672035 at http://www.globalpost.com Gaddafi's female bodyguards claim they were raped: report http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110828/libya-news-muammar-gaddafi-female-bodyguards-rape-claims-icc <p> Since the early 1970s, Gaddafi had been constantly surrounded by his brigade of female bodyguards, known as his Amazonian guard.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110828/libya-news-muammar-gaddafi-female-bodyguards-rape-claims-icc" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Gaddafi Dead Libya Muammar Gaddafi Women's rights Conflict Zones War Middle East Sun, 28 Aug 2011 15:12:00 +0000 News Desk 5674086 at http://www.globalpost.com Libyan women celebrate new freedom http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110903/libya-women-rights-middle-east-protests <p> TRIPOLI &mdash; Around 400 women were held in Abu Salim prison for speaking out against Gaddafi and helping the rebels.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/110903/libya-women-rights-middle-east-protests" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Africa Arab Spring Libya Muammar Gaddafi Women's rights Conflict Zones Culture & Lifestyle Middle East Sat, 03 Sep 2011 12:25:00 +0000 Tracey Shelton 5674599 at http://www.globalpost.com