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Mongolia gives Hagel a horse — but he leaves it behind

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel named the horse Shamrock after his Nebraska high school mascot.

Russia omitted details on Boston Marathon bombing suspect: NYT

The new report found that Russians shared intelligence with the FBI only after the bombing attack, such as the telephone conversation about Islamic jihad.

Why USAID’s ‘Cuban Twitter’ plan missed the point

LIMA — As US senators grilled the head of the international aid agency Tuesday about a supposed plot to foment rebellion in Cuba with a ‘Cuban Twitter,’ the biggest question went unasked.

These 6 countries make America's gender pay gap look embarrassing

The US isn't even close to paying women as well as these countries.

Astronaut posts the first Instagram from space

It is a great accomplishment. It is history in the making. It is the world's first Instagram from space. And it's a selfie.

Kerry says Russia may be laying the ground for military action in eastern Ukraine

'It is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalyst behind the chaos of the last 24 hours,' US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Hagel gets a sneak peek at China's aircraft carrier

Chinese officials regularly get to visit US aircraft carriers, but this was Defense Secretary Hagel's first visit to one in China.

Here's why the US and Russia would be MAD to go to war

A look at the nuclear warheads that guarantee our 'mutually assured destruction.'
Nuclear bomb 2014 04 04Enlarge
A French nuclear test in the south Pacific atoll of Mururoa. (File/AFP/Getty Images)
Lurking behind the debate over what to do about Russia’s land grab in Crimea are 3,750 good reasons to speak softly. Yes, strategic nuclear weapons — 1,800 of them in the Russian arsenal, about 1,950 belonging to the United States, according to the Federation of American Scientists — along with the ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and intercontinental strategic bombers that carry them, suddenly are demanding renewed attention.
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