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This device could revolutionize childbirth. It was created by a car mechanic

BUENOS AIRES — It’s hard to believe that Jorge Odon is a car mechanic by trade, used to getting his hands greasy at an auto shop down the road. Because he is also the most unlikely inventor of a device with the potential to save mothers' lives around the world.

Q&A: What's next for Venezuela?

LIMA — Bitterly divided between government supporters and opponents, Venezuela appears trapped in a dangerous cycle of protests, violence and repression. Meanwhile, the violent crime, skyrocketing inflation and shortages of basic goods that prompted many Venezuelans to take to the streets continue unabated. What’s next for a country that should be enjoying the economic windfall of the world’s largest proven oil reserves? In search of answers, GlobalPost interviewed Venezuela expert Harold Trinkunas, who heads the Latin America program at the Brookings Institution.

Don't worry, Putin says he doesn't want Ukraine

For the first time on Friday, Putin confirmed that his forces were directly involved in Crimea — which the new pro-Western leaders in Kyiv fear is a plan to annex an even greater part of Ukraine. But Putin said he has "no intention" of doing any such thing. 

Now you can adopt 10 of Sochi's most adorable canine ambassadors

The dogs arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League in a white Humane Society van on Thursday afternoon.

Obama tells Russia to pull back its troops from the Ukraine border (VIDEO)

'It may simply be an effort to intimidate Ukraine,' Obama said of Russia's troops near Ukraine's border. 'It may be that they've got additional plans.'

These are the 5 Guantanamo detainees who might be moving to Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO — GlobalPost put together a handy guide on the identities of the possible Guantanamo prisoner transfer to Uruguay. The US government has yet to confirm or deny the names, but when President Jose Mujica described the prisoners' nationalities on Uruguayan radio, he left little room for doubt.

White House unveils plan to end bulk collection of phone data by NSA

The administration will ask the court to allow it to operate its existing program for at least another 90 days, as Congress weighs legislation.

Obama tells the pope he's a 'great admirer,' invites him to the White House

US President Barack Obama held a historic first meeting with Pope Francis on Thursday to discuss a shared agenda of fighting global inequality despite wide differences over issues like gay rights and contraception. Obama told Francis he was a "great admirer" at the start of their talks at the Vatican, which political observers said could be a bid to boost the US president's support at home among Catholic voters.

US officials (and allies) are talking plenty of trash about Russia these days

Recent events in Ukraine have triggered a verbal arms race between Russia on one side and NATO allies on the other.
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