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Why North Korea test fired medium range missiles today

SEOUL — Every few months, North Korea tests short-range rockets, hurling them into the sea with hardly a glance from the rest of the world. The frequency of those launches, however, has increased dramatically in the past month. On Saturday alone, Kim Jong Un’s military fired off 30, as if they were bottle rockets. And today, the garrison kingdom raised the throttle significantly, shooting off what South Korea believes were two medium-range Rodong ballistic missiles.

Venezuela’s government is sinking in a sea of oil

It has nearly as much crude reserves as the US and Saudi Arabia combined. So how come Venezuela's oil production and exports are slipping and the public is raging in the streets?
NEW YORK — Lurking behind the barricades in Venezuela, where pro- and anti-government forces have battled on and off for more than five weeks, one of the biggest contradictions on the planet helps explain what’s gone wrong with Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian revolution. Sitting atop oil reserves that are larger Venezuela’s oil production and export revenue during the same period have dropped precipitously.

8 reasons why India’s elections really matter to the world

NEW DELHI — With 48 countries going to the polls this year, it would be easy to dismiss India’s April general election as just more democracy in action. But India is different, and not only because it is the world’s largest democracy.

Obama in Europe: 3 Questions with GlobalPost's Paul Ames

BRUSSELS — Didn't Obama pivot to Asia? Why is he spending so much time in Europe? Here's a two-minute take on the US president's EU visit by GlobalPost's senior correspondent in Brussels.

Rumsfeld's remark is the second time in two days that Obama has been compared to an ape

Rumsfeld also said the US-Afghan relationship had been 'first-rate' during the Bush administration, but had gone 'downhill like a toboggan' since Obama took office.

Obama says US needs to win back trust after NSA spying

Two top lawmakers on the House of Representatives' intelligence panel were slated on Tuesday to unveil a bipartisan measure on metadata use.

These nations are using food to project power around the world. And it's working.

"Noodle diplomacy" and "chopstick diplomacy" may be relatively new phrases, but the concept that food and diplomacy go together is as old as, well, food.

How Russia could strangle the US space program

Think Russia has no way to put pressure on the United States? Think again. The US relies heavily on Russia to furnish the engines that power rockets that deliver both military and civil payloads into space. This includes GPS systems in cars and cellphones, and even systems that allow ATMs to function. Weather satellites are launched into space via Russian-powered rockets, and military systems such as early missile detection also depend on our friends in Moscow.

8K people have signed a petition to give Alaska to Russia

Secession. It's all the rage. A petition appeared on this week, asking Obama to give Alaska to Russia. So far, 8,534 people have signed it — which is 389 more people than when I took the screenshot below 24 minutes ago.
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