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Why the world is worrying about this not-so-precious metal

Trading near historic lows, copper augers more trouble for emerging markets.
Copper coins 2014 03 18Enlarge
Copper coins from the second and third centuries found in a private garden in Paris. (Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW YORK — For those of you not checking how copper's trading on your Bloomberg terminal (and that includes this writer), the fall in price of the red metal has probably left no impression. For most of us, copper is what US pennies are made of. But even that’s not quite right: Since 1982, pennies have been almost all zinc, and a measly 2.5 percent copper.

But economists know better, and their blogs are burning red.


Maduro to Obama: Give peace a chance, don't kill me

LIMA, Peru — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro may need to make up his mind about the United States. The embattled leader has once again accused President Barack Obama’s administration of wanting to bump him off — and in the same breath demanded talks with Washington about 'peace and sovereignty.' The remarks are just the latest zigzag by Maduro as he seeks to keep a lid on the protests aimed at toppling his government.

In space, no one can hear you scream over Ukraine

What Russia-US tensions over Ukraine mean for astronauts at the International Space Station.

Putin also declares Hawaii a part of Russia

The Russian president has declared his intention to annex Hawaii, as well as Crimea.

Q&A: How do you make a Boeing 777 full of passengers vanish?

Efforts to solve the mystery of flight MH370 are now centering on the plane’s pilots. Only a trained specialist, the theory goes, could have known how to switch off the aircraft’s on-board radar systems, and to program the maneuvers that diverted the Boeing 777 from its expected flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. GlobalPost reached out to experts at Avascent, an aerospace and defense consulting firm in Washington, DC, for more clarity on the situation.

How rocky US-Malaysia relations may be impacting the search for Flight 370

Malaysian authorities have been reluctant to accept large-scale American assistance. That might be down to history.

Take that, Putin: US and EU enact sanctions against Russia

BERLIN — The US imposed sanctions against 11 Russians and Ukrainians said to have played key roles in the referendum, including two leading aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That came shortly after EU foreign ministers enacted similar measures against 21 Russians and Ukrainians. The list may be expanded later in the week at a meeting of European Union leaders on Thursday. 

In good years, snowy owls build nests out of dead lemmings

'They will eat pretty much anything they can jam down their throats.' Including dolphins.

Air pollution, autism further linked by new study

Air pollution’s link to autism was reinforced in new research released this week by University of Chicago, who analyzed 100 million American medical records on a county-by-county basis. The researchers pinned their finding on boys with genital abnormalities, which can be caused by pollutants in the womb. In turn, boys with autism are six times more likely to have those abnormalities.

Pope Francis marks 1-year anniversary with simple tweet, 'Please pray for me'

Pope Francis isn’t giving up Twitter for Lent. And why should he? His simple tweet on Thursday, to mark his first year leading the Catholic Church, was “favorited” more than 14,000 times and shared 9,200 times in eight hours. “Please pray for me,” the pontiff wrote on Thursday to his 3.7 million followers. He delivered similar words from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica after he was elected pope last year. The Twitter message was the only acknowledgment from Pope Francis, 77, one year into the job.
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