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Would he do it all again? Speaking at SXSW, Snowden says 'absolutely'

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says he'd do it all over again if he had to.

The US struggles to make Japan fear nuclear terrorism

ROKKASHO, Japan — Sporting turquoise-striped walls and massive steel cooling towers, the new industrial complex rising from bluffs astride the Pacific Ocean here looks like it might produce consumer electronics or bath salts. But in reality it is one of the world’s newest, largest, and most controversial production plants for nuclear explosives.

Cold (One) War: White House promises to pay up Olympic beer bet with Canada

Regardless of what his critics say, President Barack Obama defused one brewing international crisis with impressive speed and care on Friday. After Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper complained he was still waiting for his case of beer for winning a bet, the White House delivered. Or at least promised to deliver.

Ukraine's athletes silently protest at Paralympic Winter Games opening ceremony

Only one Ukrainian athlete entered Fisht Stadium during the atheletes march at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Russian officials lash out at US after State Department publishes list of Putin lies

The United States can’t handle the truth. At least according to the Russian response to a State Department top-10 list that compiled President Vladimir Putin’s “false truths” on Ukraine. After Putin’s press conference about Ukraine on Wednesday, the US State Department released a top-10 list of his "false truths" that many considered tongue-in-cheek. Russia was not amused.

A racial slur hands US ambassador a final victory against Beijing

HONG KONG — A Chinese newspaper’s attempt to lob a farewell stink bomb at the departing US ambassador has blown up squarely in its face. After a Feb. 27 news conference for Gary Locke, who is leaving China after serving as the US ambassador for two and a half years, an op-ed in the official China News Service denounced him as a ‘banana man’ with ‘yellow skin and a white heart.’ The article went on to suggest that his ancestors — Locke is of Chinese descent — would be ashamed of his service in the US government. 
NEW YORK — US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has taken his plan to cut billions from the military’s budget on the road. He’s spoken to troops, veterans groups and think tanks about what he considers the need to purge the armed forces once and for all of its Cold War, big weapons mindset, all while integrating vital lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This is no easy task.

The State Department channeled its inner Letterman with this Top 10 Russian lies about Ukraine list

The State Department gets all David Letterman on us with a list of what it calls the Top 10 Russian lies about Ukraine.

Getty makes 36 million photos free to use on blogs, social media

The world's largest photo service has made up to 35 million images free for noncommercial use via an embed tool.

This graphic shows how much money homophobia is costing Uganda

As worldwide governments pull foreign aid in response to its anti-gay law, Uganda is losing millions.
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