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Iran celebrates Nowruz, or Persian New Year, with hopes for a revived economy

Nowruz is celebrated across continents and cultures, from Afghanistan and Albania to Iran, Turkey and India.

On Iran nuclear talks: 'Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed'

Iran denies that its declared civilian atomic energy program is a front for developing the means to make nuclear weapons.

Japan is creating an enormous pile of plutonium. Should you be worried?

WASHINGTON — A generation after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the world is rediscovering the attractions of nuclear power to curb the warming pollution of carbon fuels. And so a new industry focused on plutonium-based nuclear fuel has begun to take shape in the far reaches of Asia, with ambitions to spread elsewhere — and some frightening implications, if Thomas Cochran is correct.

Hassan Rouhani urges Iran's top generals to favor restraint over rhetoric

DUBAI — Iran's President Hassan Rouhani urged the nation's military leaders on Saturday to let diplomacy prevail in dealing with potential foreign threats, a clear reference to efforts to end the nuclear dispute and decades of hostile relations with the West. "It is very important to formulate one's sentences and speeches in a way that is not construed as threat, intention to strike a blow," Rouhani said in a meeting with Iran's top military echelon.

14 protest videos that went viral and changed the world

Social media have played a direct role in recent civil uprisings around the world. These videos documented the things that protesters have fought for and against. They galvanized movements and captured the world's attention. They changed history.

Iran, world powers agree on a timetable for nuclear talks

'There is a lot to do. It won't be easy, but we have made a good start,' European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said.

Watch Iran's gutsy queen of pop take on homophobia in her latest music video

Glittery and graceful, the Iranian pop sensation Googoosh has taken yet another bold stand. This one was on Valentine's Day. She posted a video for her new song "Behesht" (Heaven) to her Facebook page that promotes love for all people — even gay people.

These orange, 'alien looking' vessels are transporting refugees out of Australia

JAKARTA — At first, the locals didn’t know what to think when the strange vessel washed up on Indonesian shores in early February. The police described the large, bright orange, unidentified object as “alien looking.” It was oddly swank compared to the usual refugee craft. Inside, police found 34 asylum seekers from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The youngest was just 18 months old. It turned out that the vessel was one of about twelve lifeboats Australia reportedly purchased for $40,000 each, to “push back” migrants seeking to reach Australia, arguably in violation of international law.  

Iran's foreign minister doesn't fear sanctions, says nuclear deal is possible with 'good will'

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Mohammad Zarif said on Monday a final deal with world powers on Tehran's nuclear program is possible within six months if there is good will. He said he was not worried about the US Congress trying to impose new sanctions. US President Barack Obama used his State of the Union address last week to veto any legislation that threatens the talks with Iran. US senators, including some of Obama's Democrats, have co-sponsored a bill that would impose new restrictions on Iran if talks on a permanent accord falter.
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