Political Risk http://www.globalpost.com/taxonomy/term/22118/all en Tibet: How the trouble started http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/120222/china-crackdown-self-immolations-tibet-turmoil-part-1 XINING — Monks are under lockdown as negotiations hit a stalemate. <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/120222/china-crackdown-self-immolations-tibet-turmoil-part-1" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Buddhism Dalai Lama Tibet Conflict Zones Asia-Pacific Diplomacy World Religion China Political Risk Thu, 23 Feb 2012 11:00:00 +0000 Kathleen E. McLaughlin 5692921 at http://www.globalpost.com Pirates: The economic costs of maritime crime http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/africa/kenya/120306/pirates-economic-cost-somalia NAIROBI — Mombasa, one of the busiest and economically important ports in sub-Saharan Africa, is not as busy as it used to be, as a result of the threat of piracy off the Indian Ocean coast of Somalia. <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/africa/kenya/120306/pirates-economic-cost-somalia" target="_blank">read more</a></p> pirate wars Kenya Political Risk Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:00:00 +0000 Tristan McConnell 5694792 at http://www.globalpost.com British investors see profit in Falklands despite row with Argentina http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/argentina/120312/uk-falkland-islands-oil LONDON — In the war of words over the Falkland Islands, the money’s on Britain.<p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/argentina/120312/uk-falkland-islands-oil" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Argentina Falkland Islands Political Risk United Kingdom Tue, 13 Mar 2012 10:03:00 +0000 Emily Schmall 5695715 at http://www.globalpost.com Peru pro-mining protest turns deadly http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/120315/peru-gold-mining-protest-deadly LIMA, Peru — Protests against a government crackdown on illegal gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon have erupted into deadly violence.<p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/120315/peru-gold-mining-protest-deadly" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Gold Peru Emerging Markets Political Risk Thu, 15 Mar 2012 18:51:00 +0000 Simeon Tegel 5696272 at http://www.globalpost.com What women really want: income equality http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120322/what-women-really-want-income-equality-equal-pay-day BERLIN – A German mother working full-time often faces social disapproval, stigmatized as “Rabbenmutter,” a pejorative term that literally means “raven mothers,” suggesting that women who leave their children to work are selfish. <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120322/what-women-really-want-income-equality-equal-pay-day" target="_blank">read more</a></p> EU politics Europe Germany Politics Political Risk Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:00:00 +0000 Siobhan Dowling 5697316 at http://www.globalpost.com Peru’s president wins awkward sibling contest http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/120327/peru-president-awkward-sibling-antauro LIMA — As politicians’ awkward siblings go, few top Antauro Humala, brother of Peru President Ollanta Humala. The former major is serving a 19-year jail term for leading a failed 2005 army revolt to overthrow democratically elected President Alejandro Toledo.<p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/120327/peru-president-awkward-sibling-antauro" target="_blank">read more</a></p> World Leaders Americas Peru Political Risk Mon, 02 Apr 2012 00:47:00 +0000 Simeon Tegel 5697952 at http://www.globalpost.com Arrest warrants threaten Swiss-German tax deal http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120405/arrest-warrants-threaten-swiss-german-tax-deal BERLIN — An ugly spat has broken out that could scupper a tax agreement between Switzerland and Germany. Germany’s center-left opposition is in uproar over the news that the Swiss authorities have issued arrest warrants for three German tax officials, on suspicion of economic espionage. The revelation couldn’t have been more poorly timed, coming just as Germany and Switzerland are trying to push through an agreement tackling tax evasion.<p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120405/arrest-warrants-threaten-swiss-german-tax-deal" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Europe Germany Political Risk Thu, 05 Apr 2012 14:15:00 +0000 Siobhan Dowling 5699305 at http://www.globalpost.com Egypt’s next revolution http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/egypt/120406/nile-river-egypt-water-food-politics-revolution CAIRO — Pouring onto the streets in an unprecedented uprising last year, Egyptians toppled their dictator of three decades with resonating, populist chants for “bread, freedom and social justice.” But while more freedom and social justice remain a possibility for Egypt, bread might be harder to come by. The country’s growing population, and its loosening grip on the Nile, are threatening its water supply, weakening its capacity to irrigate crops and boosting the desert nation’s reliance on food imports from an increasingly volatile global commodities market. It’s a dangerous situation many fear could lead to renewed political strife.<p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/egypt/120406/nile-river-egypt-water-food-politics-revolution" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Egypt nile Conflict Zones Politics Political Risk Mon, 09 Apr 2012 10:00:00 +0000 Erin Cunningham 5699525 at http://www.globalpost.com Should stay-at-home parents get paid? http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120409/state-funded-childcare-women-workforce BERLIN — Germany plans to give a subsidy to parents who don’t send their young children to public daycare. Critics say it's costly and counterproductive. <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/germany/120409/state-funded-childcare-women-workforce" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Gender Wars Germany Culture & Lifestyle Political Risk Tue, 10 Apr 2012 10:00:00 +0000 Siobhan Dowling 5699749 at http://www.globalpost.com In Latin America, 'critical mass' urges end to drug war http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/120415/end-drug-war-ethan-nadelmann-interview <p>What was once taboo has now got presidents talking in public and writing charged commentaries. They&rsquo;re trying to frame the new drugs debate in terms that Washington &mdash; which firmly stands by the drug war solution &mdash; will understand: supply and demand.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/120415/end-drug-war-ethan-nadelmann-interview" target="_blank">read more</a></p> drug war World Leaders Americas War Political Risk United States Mon, 16 Apr 2012 10:00:00 +0000 Alex Leff 5700482 at http://www.globalpost.com Sarkozy and Merkel bond cools ahead of French vote http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/120420/sarkozy-french-election-merkel-merkozy-break-up BERLIN — It was nice while it lasted. But “Merkozy,” it seems, is no more. Europe’s odd couple has hit a rough patch. And it would be difficult to revive the relationship, even in the unlikely event that one half of the pair survives a tough political battle in the days ahead. <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/120420/sarkozy-french-election-merkel-merkozy-break-up" target="_blank">read more</a></p> French elections Elections France Europe Germany Political Risk Sat, 21 Apr 2012 11:49:00 +0000 Siobhan Dowling 5701210 at http://www.globalpost.com Netherlands: PM Mark Rutte reportedly to offer resignation http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/benelux/120423/dutch-prime-minister-mark-rutte-offers-cabinet-resignation <p> Mart Rutte&#39;s resignation will likely lead to early elections.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/benelux/120423/dutch-prime-minister-mark-rutte-offers-cabinet-resignation" target="_blank">read more</a></p> BeNeLux Debt Crisis Europe Global Economy Political Risk Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:19:00 +0000 Tim Fitzsimons 5701421 at http://www.globalpost.com EU suspends Myanmar sanctions http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/120423/eu-lifts-myanmar-sanctions <p> The move follows similar decisions by the United States and Australia, and is aimed at rewarding the country&rsquo;s efforts to move forward with democratic reforms following decades of military rule.</p> <p><a href="http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/asia-pacific/120423/eu-lifts-myanmar-sanctions" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Myanmar Asia-Pacific Emerging Markets Europe Global Economy Political Risk Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:35:00 +0000 Luke Browne 5701434 at http://www.globalpost.com Political Risk http://www.globalpost.com/internal/section-config/political-risk <fieldset class="fieldgroup group-seo"><legend>SEO</legend><div class="field field-type-text field-field-metatitle"> <div class="field-label">Title:&nbsp;</div> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> World Political Risk News | International Economic News | GlobalPost </div> </div> </div> <div class="field field-type-text field-field-metadesc"> <div class="field-label">Meta Description:&nbsp;</div> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> Award-winning world economy news journalism. 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