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Why a Crimean enclave is just saving up trouble

Splitting off non-contiguous territories has been a surefire prescription for violence.
As bad ideas go, the creation of a new ethnic enclave separated from the historical motherland as a means of solving an international problem is about as bad as they get.

These are the 8 options Obama has for the conflict in Ukraine

No one will start a war over Ukraine on purpose. That’s the good news.

Crimeans: 'We wanted peace and democracy. We needed Russia's help' (VIDEO)

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — While much of the world is up in arms about Russian military deployment in Ukraine, these pro-Russian residents say they're feeling liberated.

Who’s who: These are the key figures in Venezuela's political crisis

LIMA — Venezuela is close to breaking point. Shortages of basic goods and some of the world’s highest crime and inflation rates triggered protests earlier this month that appear only to intensify with each attempt to repress them. Here GlobalPost runs down the players as the government and opposition struggle for the upper hand in bitterly polarized Venezuela.

Class becomes a factor in Scotland’s independence drive

EDINBURGH — 'Don’t leave us': That was David Cameron’s plea to Scotland last week, when the British prime minister appealed to Scots’ shared sense of Britishness. But experts suggest that it’s economics — not identity — that may become the determining factor when Scots go to the polls.

Venezuela: Why they protest

LIMA — Anti-government protests this week have convulsed Venezuela and descended into violent clashes with government sympathizers. On Wednesday, at least three people were killed by gunfire, two of them opposition students and one a pro-government demonstrator. Here’s a rundown of problems fueling the unrest.

US foreign aid is shrinking and Americans don’t care

With an improving economy and clean debt ceiling hike, will Obama bring world poverty back to the US agenda?
NEW YORK — Something’s absent from the national conversation on the 2015 budget, and it's not domestic issues.

Brazil spies on protesters, hoping to protect World Cup

SAO PAULO — Brazilian security forces are using undercover agents, intercepting emails and rigorously monitoring social media to try to ensure that violent anti-government protesters do not ruin soccer's World Cup this year.

Forget BRICS. This year is all about SMMSTBLILTEZ

These are not your everyday top economic performers. But behind the garish GDP growth forecasts, the devil lurks in the details.
WASHINGTON — If the BRICS are stumbling, what about “frontier markets” — the super-fast growing nations of Africa and Asia that post garish double-digit annual GDP growth. Surely, there must be opportunity there. Well, maybe.

How bad is the economy right now for Argentines? We asked them

BUENOS AIRES — With soaring prices and the peso in free fall, Argentines have plenty to worry about these days.
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