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The Syrian government is razing entire neighborhoods — and that's not the half of it

BEIRUT — It’s not news that the Syrian civil war has led to appalling property destruction as well as a tragic loss of life. But a report released by Human Rights Watch Thursday says that in addition to the homes hit incidentally during strikes on military targets, the Syrian government has systematically destroyed vast swaths of the Damascus suburbs — not with missiles, but bulldozers. 

US blasts Syria for delaying removal of chemical weapons

Robert Mikulak, the US representative to the UN-backed Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said the process had 'seriously languished.'

20,000 people in Syria's Yarmuk camp face starvation

Besieged since June, nearly 20,000 people in Damascus' Yarmuk Palestinian camp are so desperate for food that many eat stray animals, and some women have resorted to prostitution, according to residents reached via the internet. "Many here have slaughtered and eaten cats and dogs, and even a donkey," said Yarmuk resident Ali, who was a university student when Syria's revolt erupted in 2011. "One man who killed a dog couldn't find any meat to eat on its body, because even the dogs are starving," he told AFP via Skype.

Turkey destroys Al Qaeda-linked convoy battling inside Syria

Turkish fighter jets destroyed a convoy belonging to Al Qaeda-linked militants fighting inside Syria, the armed forces confirmed on Wednesday. Small arms fire struck a Turkish military outpost late Tuesday as the Free Syrian Army battled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters, Al Jazeera said, citing Turkish media.

Both sides in Syria peace talks have agreed on basis for further talks

The Syrian opposition wants to address the question of a transitional governing body, while the government insists that the first step is to discuss 'terrorism.'

Syria: Popular media activist Raed Fares reportedly shot, but stable

Unidentified gunmen reportedly shot and wounded popular Syrian media activist Raed Fares on Wednesday, though he is in stable condition and recovering after the alleged assassination attempt, according to activists, convincing yet unconfirmed video, and

Syria talks deadlocked in Geneva with each side accusing other of not cooperating

The Syrian regime's delegates presented a statement Tuesday condemning Washington: 'The United States has made a decision to resume arming terrorist groups in Syria.'

What it's like to be a veteran of Syria's civil war

ISTANBUL — As politicians on both sides of the Syria divide continue to wrangle in Geneva, rebel amputees lying injured in Turkey feel abandoned.

Women and children fearing for male relatives refuse to leave Syria's Homs

More than half of the 500 women and children trapped in the Syrian city of Homs refuse to be evacuated, saying they fear leaving male relatives behind, activists said Monday. "Some 200 women and children, those suffering the worst as a result of the lack of food and medical supplies because of the army siege, are ready to be evacuated," said Abu Ziad, an activist in the besieged, rebel-held part of the central city.

The Syria peace talks are deadlocked, but both sides plan to stay

Asked if they were planning to leave the talks, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad said: 'Never! We shall not leave the table.'
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