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Where is the worst place for abortions?

Ever since the US Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, abortion has been legal in every state of the union. But that's to say nothing of the rest of the world. We asked GlobalPost correspondents from Cairo to Caracas to assess abortion rights where they are.

Latin America takes action to decriminalize abortion

Roe v. Wade provides framework for progressing past restrictive laws.
Latin america abortionEnlarge
The Uruguayan Senate passes the law legalizing abortion, in Montevideo, on Oct. 17, 2012. Uruguay became only the second country in mostly Catholic South America to legalize abortion when the Senate approved the bill with a vote of 17 to 14. (Miguel Rojo/AFP/Getty Images)
While policymakers may be under the impression that restrictive laws help curb abortion rates, research shows the opposite is true. In places where abortion is illegal or heavily restricted, an unwanted pregnancy leaves women with two options: seek out a clandestine abortion that could be unsafe or continue a pregnancy that was neither chosen nor planned for.

Peru: Helicopter crash kills 7, including Americans

Seven people were killed when a helicopter crashed and exploded in the Amazon jungle in Peru.

In Latin America, a growing backlash against genetically modified food

LIMA — Backers say GMOs help farmers produce more, but greens and some politicos fear the risks of tinkering with crops’ DNA.

2,012 words of 2012

BOSTON, Mass. — Here are the buzzwords, the keywords, or just plain words, that were uttered time and again in 2012. This was an absurd amount of work. So please click on it.

Peru: Lima’s progressive mayor vs. gangster order

  LIMA, Peru — When Susana Villaran was unexpectedly elected mayor of Lima, few believed she would make headway in the urgent task of modernizing what may be Latin America’s most chaotic capital. The moderate leftist former human rights campaigner had no experience of running a major organization. Even supporters worried she was unprepared to take charge of this troubled city of 9 million. Yet now, halfway through her four-year term, just as she appears to be making progress in overhauling Lima’s catastrophic public transport system, she faces a recall election linked to a previous mayor accused of corruption.

After Sandy Hook, Latin America wags a finger at gun-toting US

LIMA — Latin America has responded to the Newtown massacre with horror, and renewed bafflement at US gun laws.

Peruvian pisco sour

  LIMA — Like much of the world, Peruvians devour turkey for their Christmas meal, usually with rice, apple puree and a salad of potatoes, apples and raisins. Yet if anyone — at least in the West — thinks that's unoriginal, it bears recalling that turkeys come from the Americas and were unknown in the Old World prior to 1492. The feast for “Navidad,” as the holiday’s called in Spanish, is typically washed down with wine, especially champagne or some other sparkling white, as well as the classic Peruvian cocktail of pisco sour. 

Domain wars: South America vs.

LIMA — In the latest battle over coveted web domain names, there's a rumble in the jungle — pitting Amazon vs. the Amazon.

Lady Gaga fans break into garage, share Thanksgiving leftovers

'Little Monsters' find Lady Gaga in Peru, break into garage, dine on 'stuffing.'
Lady gaga tweet peru thanksgivingEnlarge
Lady Gaga sent out this photo of herself through Twitter after finding 35 fans singing and ringing her doorbell in Lima, Peru, on November 22, 2012. (Twitter/Courtesy)
“I should be mad I guess except I tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but theres no cat-flap,” Gaga tweeted.
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