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Things are about to get much worse for thousands of refugees in Myanmar

At least 20,000 people in displacement camps around Sittwe will run out of drinking water within 10 days.

Could MH370 really blow straight through Asian air defenses?

BANGKOK — For the conspiracy minded, the idea that missing Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 could have veered over mainland Asia is tantalizing.

Myanmar’s upcoming census could spark anti-Muslim violence

BANGKOK — Decades of dictatorship in Myanmar produced a deep catalogue of casualties: slain dissidents, land mine victims and economic ruin to name a few. A lesser-known casualty? Facts. For instance, the population estimates range from 48 to 65 million — a three-Norway-size discrepancy. Muslims contend that religion data will reveal a potentially dangerous truth: Myanmar’s Muslims are much more plentiful than the old military regime ever admitted.

Witnesses recall fear, chaos after China train station attack

KUNMING, China (Reuters) - Witnesses to chilling violence at a Chinese train station placed under heavy security on Sunday recalled moments of fear and chaos after at least 29 people were killed in what authorities called a terrorist attack by Xinjiang militants.

No, China is not the ‘Cookie Monster’ of global commodities

HONG KONG — China's coming for your water. Your food. Your oil. Your iron ore. The country has a “voracious appetite.” That's the drumbeat you've been hearing in headlines over the last several years. The reality is more complicated.  

Fate or fairytale: Can Aung San Suu Kyi become Myanmar’s next president?

YANGON — In the West, Aung San Suu Ky is nearly sacrosanct. Prim yet defiant, she is seen as a righteous Nobel Peace Prize recipient who has suffered through tyranny to lead Myanmar’s oppressed toward a brighter future. Having been released from confinement three years ago, she has announced her intention to run for president. But as the historic election looms, the Nobel laureate’s ambitions are complicated by legal challenges and by her tarnished reputation.

Myanmar journalists arrested over 'chemical weapons' report

Authorities in Myanmar have detained several journalists after they published allegations of a military facility producing chemical weapons, according to their newspaper editor, as a media watchdog raised fears over press freedom. Police arrested five journalists, including the chief executive of the Unity Weekly News, on Friday and Saturday, according to colleagues, who said they are facing charges over a report in January.

Rights group says Muslims massacred in Myanmar amid official denials

A human rights group said security forces were responsible for the massacre of 40 Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar last week.
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